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Alien skulls found in Mexico

An archaeological dig in Mexico has uncovered strange elongated skulls from more than a millenia ago.
Some UFO enthusiastic researchers believe this is the evidence we have been looking for.

Daylight Bigfoot sighting in Florida

OBSERVED: I was out trail riding in a remote part of the Ocala National Forest when I became stuck in a mud hole. I was out there for several hours waiting for someone to come pull me out. What got my attention first was the sound of someone hitting something against a tree which striked me as odd considering where I was at and I didn't hear any other vehicles prior to the knock so I proceeded to approach the sounds after walking about 300 yards away from my vehicle I saw what I thought was a huge man in a ghillie suit striking a pine tree with a large stick as I got closer I realized it was not a man but a huge creature that I will never forget as long as I live. It had a huge chest probably 60in. across and though it was in a slumped standing position it had to be 8 feet tall with long muscular arms and long chest and mid section like its legs were shorter than chest area. As I was trying slowly to back away to get back to my truck I stepped on a stick and it immediately turned …

Piltdown Man hoax mystery solved

The fossil remains of what became known as the Piltdown man were discovered in a Sussex gravel pit in 1912. The find was hailed as a missing link in the evolutionaryladder between apes and humans, evidence of an ancient humanancestorthat lived 500,000 years ago. It would take another50years for Piltdown man to be exposed as a hoax, how it had been orchestrated andwhohadbeen responsibleforithoweverwas toremain a mystery.
Now a group of archaeologists, palaeontologists and anthropologists are to hold a meetingto discuss the results of a new investigation in to the hoax aimed at solving the mystery once and for all. Among the suspects are amateurarchaeologist Charles Dawson who discovered the bones and Sherlock Holmes authorArthurConanDoyle.

The Big Bigfoot DNA debate

The most recent significant development in Bigfoot research circles deals with claims that DNA extracted from various samples, believed to emanate from Sasquatches traversing North America, have been used to in the sequencing of Bigfoot’s genetic origins. Thus, a DNA sequence for Sasquatch now exists, according to some, as credible evidence of the creature’s existence as an actual physical, flesh and blood being.
... I’m not so certain at this point that much at all could be said by anyone in terms of rectifying the stink that has arisen regarding the biggest of all the big, malodorous man-apes lurking out there along the periphery of civilization.....Read More

Provo Utah Bigfoot

A new video that seems to show a Bigfoot-like beast rearing up in a Utah brush patch is racking up millions of views on the web, but are there any compelling facts in the compelling footage?
Beard Card, the YouTube handle of the man who purportedly filmed the video while camping with his family, says he first hit "record" on his camera to document what he thought was a black bear hiding in the bushes. Indeed, the video's tranquil first half has an off-screen voice whispering, "Do you think it's a bear?"
I, and others believe its a turkey. It became aggressive and the ran. Upon looking at the video they decided they could call it the Provo Bigfoot and exploit it. That is all that's going on. Sorry, no Bigfoot.

The Forida Sasquatch video

Matt Moneymaker of the BFRO seems to believe Tim Fasano captured a bigfoot. He tweeted so.
Matt Moneymaker (@MattMoneymaker1) tweeted at 0:12 PM on Wed, Nov 07, 2012: Floridian Tom Fasano seems to have gotten some legit BF footage. Persistence pays! From Central Florida (Green Swmp): ( Get the official Twitter app at

Timbergiant and Dr Bindernagel defend the bush video

Jim "timbergiantbigfoot" makes a case defending himself against the debunking video by Phil Poling of Team Tazer Bigfoot. Jim uses Dr. Bindernagel to show how tall the Bigfoot was he video taped. Cool. I got it. That creates even more mystery. Why did Jim take the video down? Even his most loyal fans say they can't find it. That's not right. They should be able to see it. That is strange. Jim also shot video last November 21st of a Bigfoot in Canada that he made private on YouTube, but has yet to release it. Why? I don't know if Jim filmed a Sasquatch or not because he hides his sighting videos, but shows his blobs. I'm glad Poling had ripped his copy before timber took it down after questions were raised. Show us what you have Jim if you are real.

Mystery monkey captured in Florida

Could this be the Florida Skunk ape? Not to sure but it was an escaped exotic that evaded capture for four years in an urban setting.The monkey showed up in St. Petersburg in 2008 and nobody knew were he came from. He avoided all contact with humans until they started feeding them.Finally, he fell for the oldest trick in the book. Bananas led him to a trap were a tranqullilzer gun got him.Many believe the skunk ape is just an exotic in the wild. We wont know until something else is captured.

Mohamed Atta had a Florida pilots and taxi licence

Mohamed Atta once had a hack license issued by the Hillsborough County Transportation Commission. Atta never came back to pick it up. He had applied to work at United Cab of Tampa, but never showed up for work either.

My research shows he was living in the Tampa area for some time while taking flying lessons in Venice Florida and Jones aviation in Sarasota.

Most people were told that he only had a few hours on a simulator and was not interested in knowing how to land. This is not true.

The owner of Huffman Aviation in Venice said Mohamed Atta and a friend walked in the front door one day in late 2000 and wanted to know about getting pilots license and how much that would cast. They were told the cost was $18,000 with $1,000 down and $1.000 a week for the entire 18 week course. They paid with a check drawn on First Union Bank.

All did not go smooth as their first instructor found them arrogant and hard to teach. They switched instructors and were able to finish the course and Atta ear…

UFO sighting news: alien base found on moon

A new YouTube video seems to show artificial structures on the moon. What looks like a building and a tower can be seen. A UFO blog is showing the images from the video.
I believe this has everything to do with why NASA has never returned to the moon. The Apollo lunar landings found evidence of an ancient alien presence on the moon. The decision was made that the people of Earth were not advanced enough process it through various cultures. Nothing else would make sense.
We are far more advanced now then 1969. Current technology would make it a breeze to return to the moon. Instead we have spent decades on the space shuttle and space station. Clearly, these have been important to science but much more could have been accomplished on the moon. I really UFO disclosure will happen when we eventually return. With a dispanded NASA that may not be in our lifetime.
The link below has the story and the video.
UFO SIGHTINGS DAILY: Hexagon Base Discovered On Moons Surface, Oct 20, 2012 Photos.

David Paulites responds to Ketchum Project critic

This was First published in July 2011. The only thing that has changed is a possible hoax has been committed. The Bigfoot world seems to be full of it. Nobody seems to want to take a stand. There is NO PROBLEM in calling me a hoaxer and a fat liar. But how dare someone challenge the Ketchum Project.
We need more then just a post on Shaun's blog with a "For Sale" sign out front. Is that the final word on Bigfoot research? Bigfoot is "For Sale." How appropriate. It cannot just be left at that. ALL who bought into it should, and will, have their credibility called into question. The same rules that applied to Tom Biscardi should be invoked here. Its one thing to believe but these people promoted and chastised all who dissented. They should be called out. There are investigators who are in this field - Get investigating.

The video after this was one I did 18 months ago. EVERYTHING I SAID on it has been proven correct. Yet, they continue to say I don't know wha…

Melba Ketchum DNA Lab closed down

The Ketchum Project seems to be coming to a silent end. What was going to be the greatest scientific discovery of all time, will leave many very disapointed.

After all they were going to produce DNA evidence of Bigfoot derived under scientific conditions. They were going to prove to a disbelieving world that a giant primate in the thousands is roaming North America. It would be a find that would shake the scientific community to the core.

They did no such thing.

In fact, on Shawn's blog there is a photo of the lab which seems to have been closed and nobody knows were they are at. Strange.

I stated over a year ago that the paper will never be published. The participants will just try to walk away. A get out of town if you will. Is that what is going one?

It should not be that easy for them, or the people who supported them. I think people who publicly supported them should lose their credibility in the Bigfoot world. They were all part of this possible hoax.

Not all hoaxes are a…

Did timbergiantbigfoot fake this video?

Phil Pouling of Team Tazer Bigfoot has questions about a timbergiantbigfoot video that seems to show Bigfoot moving behind a bush. The top of its head was visable and it was one of Jim's most favorite videos until he took it down. He took it down when people began to think it was a hoax. There could be no other reason. Phil does a good job of showing that this video is suspect at best. Even the Ontario Bigfoot guys don't believe it.

Bigfoot tracks featured on Coast to Coast AM

Timberape71 recorded this with a cell phone. He says he has others. I don't know anything about snow but those prints look large. They also look like boot prints. I would luke to see the others. Timber says his photo was Coast to Coast AM photo of the day. "I found these at my cabin back in March. This is one single video from my phone. I have a bunch more. Bigfoot is no myth. 100% real. I was on coast to coast am I spoke with George noory the night we found the prints and they featured one as photo of the day."

Was Ambassador Stevens running guns for Al Qaeda?

There may be a direct link between terror and the U.S. government. A recent report states that Christopher Stevens may have been suppling terror groups in Syria. Does that make Obama a double agent? I read this article and I wonder what the hell is going on. The President has been tying himself in knots lately trying to explain this. That is consistent with a cover up. Considering that Stevens may have been killed by the same extremist he was working with, he should be in knots. It will take more then Candy Crowley to help him now.

The article link below makes clear that : Libya has been sending seasoned Islamic fighters, heavy weapons and presumably money to Syria in support of the opposition.

If the new Libyan government was sending jihadists and 400 tons of lethal cargo to Syria through a port in southern Turkey—a deal brokered by Stevens' primary Libyan contact during the Libyan revolution—then the governments of Turkey and the U.S. surely knew about it.

The uncertain part is…

William Barnes moving Bigfoot research forward with Falcon Project

William Barnes used to camp out alone in the woods for 5 months out of the year, until one night, something big woke up him at 2 o' clock in the morning. He told no one about his "horrifying" encounter, until 4 years after, telling his best friend, who ironically, was in the same situation. They found out that 16 locals have actually encountered one, and this inspired William Barnes to start an amazing project called "Project Falcon". Project Falcon is going to be a one of a kind 'Bigfoot Expedition", using multiple large Balloons, almost like a blimp, to search for the elusive beast. His goal: Acquire several 35 foot helium balloons equipped with thermal vision recording devices, and film a sasquatch for 45 minutes. He is going to release them over 13 different states, where there have been sightings. This project, during activity will last around a year. This project is going to cost around $200,000. He is receiving donations towards the project from…

Red Bull and NASA

Does Red Bull have a better space program then NASA? The answer may be yes. The simple answer to the question is all about efficiency.
When Felix Baumgartner made his historic leap from the edge of space, he was working for a private corporation. That's the key
Companies are more efficient then governments. This idea has been advanced in recent years about the U.S. government offering prize money for private ventures to put men in space. Virgin Galactic was formed to launch future missions.
Companies hire engineers and scientist that have a budget and a time goal, unlike governments. They also make technological breakthroughs that advance science.
This clearly could be how this is done in the future. NASA has not returned to the moon and I think its more then budget reasons. If private companies Go to the moon and find evidence of alien structures on the moon, then, we might get disclosure. 
Star fleet may indeed be a private venture.

Matt Moneymaker submits Bigfoot DNA

Watch the FINDING BIGFOOT crew lead by Matt Moneymaker deliver DNA sample to a laboratory. It came from a hair strand they found in field. I wonder if this is the Melba Ketchum lab? Will this be part of the Ketchum Project? I am sure the research paper is due any day now. What is funny is Bobo knocks over some test tubes and they crash to the floor. He hopes it was just water inside.

Black eyed people: undead from the shadows

Stories of these entities, whose eyes are black voids – no whites, no iris – began appearing on the Internet in 1998, and the encounters are eerily similar. These entities usually appear at night and demand invitation into your house, or car, or for a walk down a lonely path. The people who encounter them are terrified, but not from their dead black eyes – the eyes are first obscured by a hoodie, cap, or the angle of their head. Then they move, and witnesses finally see the two black voids – and the terror grows. People from across the globe have reported encounters with these black-eyed people.
Black-Eyed People: A Race in the Shadows | Mysterious Universe

Felix Baumgartner jump watched by UFO's

Felix Baumgartner set the record of highest altitude jump during the Red Bull Stratos Jump. Baumgartner jumped 24 miles back to Earth landing in the New Mexico desert. A worldwide audience watched on the internet. Where UFO's watching also? This video seems to show something. UFO activity around space launches seems to be common now that we have the technology to spot them.

Falcon Project will show proof of Bigfoot

This is going to be cool. William Barnes is holding a proof of evidence seminar in Utah. What I really like is they have included scientist and they invite other researchers to contribute.
Mr. Barnes commented earlier that the drone they will fly looking for Bigfoot will fly 3,000 - 4,000 feet. Not just above the tree tops.

New theory on Chemtrail phenomena

This is the classic X pattern that many Chemtrails make. Above them, you can often see what are known as contrails. There are various theories as to what chemtrails are and what the intentions are for them. Everything from weather manipulation, mass inoculation and extermination of mass populations has been advanced. I came across an interesting video on YouTube that offers a different answer.

The United States government may not want you to see what is approaching the Earth. The chemtrails are being used to obscure the view of planet X or Nibiru which is calculated to hit Earth on November 21, 2012. There would be mass panic if people could see this approaching object which would kill everyone.

It sort of makes me wonder why the rich and powerful are building underground bunkers equipped with electrical generators and food to last months our years if necessary. There is even an underground area to house Congress in case of such a disaster. This could be in case of nuclear war. If t…

Possible orbs photographed during ghost hunt

Kevin Kehl posted this on his Facebook about the ghost investigation:
Tim Fasano and Mike Diforti from Seekers Paranormal did an investigation of the old McNeil homestead and cemetery. While the jury is still out as to the nature of "orbs" (tests have proven inconclusive) I did find it interesting that the only orbs I captured are ones that seemed to be following George. There is the possibility that it is dust being kicked up while George is walking but this time I don't think that is the case. It was very humid so it could have been water droplets in the air but if that is the case orbs should have shown up in more of the pics. What do you think about it?

Cylinder UFO on the moon?

I saw this on Disclosure TV. But without a back story, I am not clear what it means I don't know when this was taken or an opinion of it.
It seems to show a disk cylinder shaped UFO sitting on the moon. Beyond that claim I really don't know what we are looking at.
The moon has been used in the past for bases. That is my theory as to why we have not returned to the moon. When we are a century removed from the moon landings, that is when people will know something happened up there.

Tim Fasano Online

I have launched my new blog Tim Fasano Online about my paranormal and Bigfoot hunting. Its essentially about my life and gives great insight into what we are doing. You can also stay up to date on the planned Bigfoot Halloween hunt that will be live on the internet.

UFO mothership remains close to the International Space System

UFO hunters say that the International Space Station (ISS) is under surveillance by a "UFO mothership." They allege they have observed in recent footage from ISS's live camera, a giant UFO mothership hovering close to the space station. Digital Journal reports recent claims of UFO sightings in images sent to Earth by NASA's Curiosity rover exploring the planet Mars. But now we also have reports of UFO sightings from the International Space Station (ISS). According to UFO enthusiasts, a huge mothership in the process of ejecting smaller crafts was seen on NASA's ISS live camera feed.According to, on September 11, a YouTube user, danielofdoriaa, posted footage from the ISS's live camera feed, with the explanation that the streak of light visible in the footage is an "amazing UFO mothership letting out an orb fleet on ISS live feed" (see YouTube footage above).The Huffington Post also reports that on September 13, myunhauzen74, another UFO hu…

Neil Armstrong moon secrets

Why have we not gone back to the moon? It is almost a half - century since Neil Armstrong first set foot on the moon. Was it decided that the moon served no useful purpose and the shuttle program did?  I don't believe that.
It was because evidence of ancient alien visitation that precludes a return
"The truth of that historic event has never been told. We did go to the moon- but the events that transpired were kept secret and officially remain secret to this day.
By the time we landed on the moon, the Lunar Orbiter had mapped the moon and imaged ancient as well as more recent structures on the moon. This has been confirmed by more than one witness. So by the time we landed, the military and intelligence community- and a small compartment of operatives at NASA- knew that we may in fact encounter something very unusual the moment we got there."

Labor Day Skunk Ape hunt

I am on my labor Day Skunk Ape hunt in the Green Swamp of Polk county. Kevin and I have been here a lot. The area is now full of rain from two tropical storms and above normal rainfall this summer.
Wildlife is in abundance. Everything from small mammals to wading birds and butterflies can be easily seen. However, getting to the trail cams is not going to happen because of waist deep swamp water. I guess this is a good thing since a swamp ape should live in the swamp.
It does look like it is just going to be November before we can really get back there, camp out, and find evidence.

Does Bigfoot tamper with trail cams

The new teaser for the next installment of FINDING SKUNK APE "Monkey Shines" should be up today. Something was investigating our trail cam and was messing with it. It triggered the camera and we got images. There is a mystery in the swamp and we search for the answer.

Kevin and I should be out Sunday in an area we have yet to work near a Bigfoot sighting area. Its the day before the RNC hits Tampa. I will be busy next week.

Chemtrails over Tampa

With the RNC just days away and hurricane Ivan on its way, I wonder why I am seeing chemtrails over the Bay area? One of the theories of chemtrails is weather modification. Perhaps the government wants to steer the storm away. Maybe, somebody is directing here.We'll have to see what happens with the intensity if the storm.

The Squatchmaster claims to have the best Bigfoot evidence of 2012

Are you kidding me? Jim Patterson from Ohio posted a video on YouTube two years ago showing a white boy wearing blue jeans, a jacket and hoodie pulling on a small tree. The video was easily debunked by many in the Bigfoot community.
It was not even a good hoax.

Now, according to the Squatchmaster, the Finding Bigfoot gang are saying that video was the best evidence they saw last year. No such thing. Jim spliced two video stills into a Finding Bigfoot promo reel. WTF? Is this guy crazy!
Jim Patterson went to the Cincinnati zoo and videotaped a gorilla in a cage and tried to say it was shot in the woods of eastern Ohio. Does Matt Moneymaker know this?
This is from Squatchmasters YouTube site.
"Here it is folks..Proof that my Tree Shaker was a real Sasquatch. Also a print captured from that very clip of the Bigfoot at the tree site. That print has clearly visible toes in it..just as I have always said. You wanted cold hard facts..well that is the only thing being posted here fro…

U.S. Migratory duck populations exploding

Duck population levels are growing strong. Even with development, climate change, drought and severe weather, ducks are finding a way to thrive.
Habitat decline not affecting duck populations this year August 2012. Although breeding habitat conditions have declined from previous years, the US 2012 "Trends in Duck Breeding Populations" report estimates waterfowl production in North America is at a record high. This year's report estimate of 48.6 million ducks is significantly higher than the 45.6 million birds estimated last year and 43 percent above the long-term average.
This annual report summarizes information about the status of duck populations and wetland habitats collected by wildlife biologists from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife and Canadian Wildlife Service for the Waterfowl Breeding Population and Habitat Survey (Survey). The Survey samples more than two million square miles of waterfowl habitat across the United States and…

Let's find Bigfoot

“Finding Bigfoot” on Animal Planet is currently filming its third season, an enigma, indeed, considering the robust inanity of this program, an inanity so pronounced —and of which its participants are so proudly oblivious —that the minds at “South Park” felt compelled to skewer it. (If you’re getting skewered on “South Park,” you probably deserve it.) The four-person team of Bigfoot hunters consists of three men with sketchy credentials —Matt Moneymaker, founder of the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization; Cliff Barackman, who pretends to be “level-headed and analytical”; and James “Bobo” Fay, a gargantuan, hirsute human specimen who’s as close as you’ll ever get to seeing Sasquatch —and the obligatory “science-minded” female, Ranae Holland. They scamper through various wooded environs wearing irksome green night-vision equipment, declaring every twig snap an indication of an ambling “squatch.” They hold impotent and yawnful invigilations. They howl in petition of a return howl that…

New Egyptian pyramids found using Google Earth

One of the complex sites contains a distinct, four-sided, truncated, pyramidal shape that is approximately 140 feet in width. This site contains three smaller mounds in a very clear formation, similar to the diagonal alignment of the Giza Plateau pyramids.
The second possible site contains four mounds with a larger, triangular-shaped plateau. The two larger mounds at this site are approximately 250 feet in width, with two smaller mounds approximately 100 feet in width. This site complex is arranged in a very clear formation with the large plateau, or butte, nearby in a triangular shape with a width of approximately 600 feet.
The sites have been documented and discovered by satellite archaeology researcher Angela Micol of Maiden, North Carolina. Angela has been conducting satellite archaeology research for over ten years, searching for ancient sites from space using Google Earth. Angela is a UNC Charlotte alumnus and has studied archaeology since childhood. Google Earth has allowed he…

Too cute: the youngest Bigfoot researcher

A new Bigfoot researcher - bigfoottracket46 on YouTube - gets his little daughter into the act. He says Bella loves to do the Bigfoot call. Matt, cliff and Bobo have a new fan.
What big ol hairy guy could resist all this cuteness.

Did Timbergiantbigfoot get within feet of a Bigfoot?

A video yesterday was posted on YouTube in which joecam1968 analyzes a T.G.B.F. video when he is out with his kids and shows were Jim was very close to a Bigfoot. He describes it like this:

"Along with other viewers I had noticed something in Timbergiantbigfoot's video "Trip to The Bigfoot Avenue". In this shortened version, at the .51-.54 mark you can see what seems to be Bigfoot on the left side of the screen. And it is gone in the 1:21 section of this clip. What I find interesting is you can hear it walking away after he pans away around the .55 or so mark. Pause screen at listed times and see for yourself. Thanks..."

Jim has been in areas where large bears are at. The owner of my company is an avid hunter and has hunted all over North America. I showed him the Jim video of the deer covered by wood. He said Jim needs to get the hell out of there because they have seen that before. It has been attributed to Grizzly bear behavior. What is odd is they have see…

Incredible images of Curiosity landing on Mars

The HiRISE team has outdone themselves this time. Using their incredible instrument, the High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment, they have captured an absolutely amazing. image of the Curiosity rover, descending on a parachute through Mars’ atmosphere.“Nailed it!” Tweeted Christian Schaller of the HiRISE team. “My goodness, @MarsCuriosity you look pretty.”My hope is that Curiosity will eventually discover artificial structures on Mars similar to the ones found on the moon. The rover is nuclear powered and can run indefinitely. Years from now we may know something.

Mars Curiosity Rover may answer questions

Unless you have freshly returned from outer space, you have probably already heard about tonight’s eagerly awaited landing of Curiosity, the next Mars rover. By roughly 1:31 a.m. EDT on Monday, the Mars Space Laboratory vehicle will have either delivered the $2.5 billion rover safely to the planet’s surface or dropped it there, broken and maybe dysfunctional. Either way, Curiosity’s arrival promises to be one of the most dramatic (and media-saturated) science events of the year.By using a sky crane like mechanism used by construction engineers on earth, Curiosity should fair well on its landing. The best part of all this is it is using nuclear power which could allow it to work for centuries.We should end up with a better understanding of Mars atmospheric and geological history. The question of life ever being present on Mars should be answered.Of course, if advanced civilizations exist, it should find them too.

Is an alien probe orbiting earth?
A space probe of unknown origin is circling around earth. It is called 1991 VG.
In late 1991 a strange object approached and passed within celestial spitting distance of the Earth, causing surprise, and some disquiet, among astronomers before vanishing back into the depths of space. The object was catalogued as “1991 VG,” and to this day it remains a mystery.
Spotted on November 6, 1991, by astronomer Jim Scotti, 1991 VG was initially thought to be an NEO—a Near Earth Object, probably an asteroid, of which there are many that periodically pass by too close for comfort and of which the public is blissfully unaware. At the time of discovery, 1991 VG was approximately 2,046,000 miles from Earth and heading inbound rapidly. Scotti, who was tracking with the small Spacewatch telescope at Kitt Peak National Observatory, Arizona, described it as a “fast- moving asteroidal object.”
Continued observation revealed that the obj…

Giant human footprint found in South Africa

Chemtrail patterns

Look up in the sky on a clear day and the sky may not appear so blue. In fact, the sky may have various crisscross patterns of white plum that linger for hours. They don't even seem to dissipate. They sort of expand and cover the sky. What was a sunny day, now, has a opaque glow to it.
These are chemtrails and can only be seen in North America (verified by NASA images). Various theories suggest mass inoculation to weather control by a secret government agency.
Whatever they are it is not natural
This is something more people should be concerned with.

Ghost at Fort Desoto (a Spanish American War Fort)

Kevin, George and I went to Fort Desoto, an old Spanish American War fort, for some interesting research furthering the cause of enigmatic anomalies. During the miserable summer, I am now doing other forms of paranormal work while our camera traps are out in filed gathering evidence of Bigfoot.

The mosquito's were out of this world as you will see on this video. This video is exclusive to this blog and cannot be found on YouTube.

Conditions were miserable in 1898 when this fort was constructed. Disease and food shortages were common. Yellow fever was prevalent along the Gulf coast and mosquito's were in the millions on this island. Many of the men must of succomed to the factors found in living here. It is our belief that energy is still in the fort from long ago. That was the objective of this operation.

In May, 1980 the Skyway Bridge collapsed after being struck by the tanker the Summit Venture. The main span fell into the water and 37 people lost their lives. A temporay mo…

Artificial structures on the moon

This may be the real reason America has not gone back to the moon. Certainly we have the technology. It has been 43 years since Apollo eleven. Since then, all we have done is fool around with the space shuttle program. This makes no since.
These NASA images do seem to show formations that are not natural. Could they have been formed by aliens? Could that be why we dont even try again.
The one shows an astronaut with what seems to be a brick wall behind him. The other looks like exact digging was done with machinery. Weird man.
These images are easy to find just go to Google.

The haunted mausoleum at Myrtle Hill Cemetery

The haunted mausoleum in Tampa is well known among ghost hunters. Almost everyone that investigates this cemetery at night has some type of experience.<br/>
Tom sent me this photo from the location while he was doing an advance exploraltion for our Thursday night investigation. There will be three of us and we will be using some really cool equipment. Kevin has the gear and I hope to get some results.

Symbols in a Gothic graveyard

Gothic cemeteries are ornate with specific styles of headstone design. You can see Tom here looking at the grave of a Confederate officer at Oaklawn cemetery in Tampa Florida. This marker is the spire type that indicates a life interrupted or cut short.
People in the nineteenth century had different ideas about death. Perhaps because death was more common. In the absence of modern medicine, mortality must have been very high. Tom and I did notice many baby graves here.
My thought was they were trying to make a nice resting place for the departed. After all, we will be joining them soon. With death being eminent, more attention was giving to the graveyard design.

The Seminole Bigfoot trail cam project in Florida

The Seminole Project of Florida is a deep field deployment of stealth game cams to get a clear image of the Skunkape. This project is long term in nature currently deploying multiple cameras for up to six months at a time. The cameras are stationed in deep swamps now and they will not be accessible until November.

We have worked hard over several months to find, and test areas we believe have the right combination of environmental factors conducive to supporting a Skunkape. This has been hard work but we are confident it has been worth it.
These images show the trail cam without the faceplate because we were changing the media card and the batteries. This is Tim Fasano after securing the Bigfoot camera to a tree. The last image is the python adjustable cable lock used to create a tight fit. This is necessary because it's now storm season in Florida and the camera could be dislodged.

UFO seen near airforce base in Florida

I shot this video two years ago from the front seat of my taxi in Tampa Florida near an airforce base. I believe I saw a UFO in the classic sense of not being able to indentify it immediatly. Perhaps it is natural in origin. Whatever it was maintained a high altitude and seemed to be moving in unison. The video currently has over 15,000 views on YouTube telling me many people are interested in things other then Bigfoot.
Since then I do keep an eye to the sky and always have a video camera with me.

New paranormal blog: Gaspar's Ghost

Check out whats going on at this new and exciting blog Gaspar's Ghost.

Are you afraid of ghost? Do you believe in UFO's? Does Bigfoot exist? Are there monsters in Florida's waters?

These topics are fully investigated by Tim Fasano on his new and exciting blog.

Don't be afraid. Come on over if you dare.

Memorial Day Bigfoot video: some questions

In 1997 near Chopaka Lake Washington, a video was shot by Lori and Owen Pate that seems to show a Bigfoot running across a field of grass. Is it?
The video to me looks like a guy in a suit. That was claimed on the audio version of this video that was left off of the TV documentary.
The reason for that was the voice of Fred Bradshaw, a long time Bigfoot researcher, can be heard with the Parr's. Is this why they refuse to do interviews?
This video is a sham, like most of the stuff being put out in Bigfoot today.