Wednesday, April 30, 2014

M.U.T.O Research Group Threatens Global Security

The Nevada research site
The M.U.T.O. Research Group is working in secrecy at several geographic anomalies worldwide, for reasons that are currently unknown They have taken up research camp at a series of sinkholes in Venezuela,  Sima Humblodt and Sima Martel. They are also located at Turkmenistan's "Door to Hell." and in Nevada at the "Devils Throat" sinkhole. They have a security outpost at entries, and nobody is allowed in. Strange lights and activity have been associated with the research venture. Is there a worldwide cavern that connects these sinkholes? Has the earth crust become unstable? Is this a global warming project or connected with Chemtrails?
A view of the sinkholes from the sky
It is believed they are working with the United States government on this project. This area in Venezuela is massive. Is there something strange about to happen?

Sima Humboldt (Sima Major) is an enormous sinkhole located on the summit of the plateau of Sarisariñama tepui in Bolívar State, Venezuela. It is unusual for several reasons, including its enormous size and depth, its location on the top of the only forested tepui, having a patch of forest on its base and also due to the weathering process that formed this sinkhole. The feature is named after scientist and explorer Alexander von Humboldt.Together with the neighbouring Sima Martel, it was first spotted in 1961 by pilot Harry Gibson.
Research facility built next to it

Strange things happening at night along the rim
It is believed that M.U.T.O has video evidence that will shock the world. There is a pending danger to mankind and they are not warning us about it. Hackers have penetrated their website using a cypher program and have been able to download two heavily scrambled 13 second videos, that are now unlisted on YouTube. Don't worry, I have them posted here.

I have the videos here:

Monday, April 28, 2014

Blue colored UFO video over the Netherlands

A video of a blue UFO over the Netherlands has yet to be debunked. A good clear image was taken. See video at link.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

HAARP-Like Ionospheric Research Project Underway

The Arecibo SETI observatory
Its official now, work is underway to complete the construction of an ionospheric research facility at the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico that bears some similarities to the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) far to the north in Alaska, but on a different scale and with different research goals.

"It is basically the same as HAARP for the science, except that HAARP was in the Auroral Region, where the physics of the ionosphere is quite different with all the energetic particles and magnetic fields," Penn State Electrical Engineering Professor Jim Breakall, WA3FET, told ARRL. "HAARP also had 3 gigawatts of effective radiated power, where Arecibo will only be about 200 megawatts." The Arecibo Observatory Amateur Radio Club, KP4AO, is headquartered at the research facility, which celebrated its 50th anniversary last fall.

The National Science Foundation and Cornell University, which previously operated Arecibo Observatory, contracted with Penn State's Electrical Engineering Department to construct the "new and enhanced" HF ionospheric instrument. It will be used to study the interaction between HF radio energy and ionospheric plasma.

O'hare Airport flight tower audio released

I have videos of presidents, air force officers, generals and astronauts all admitting aliens and their space crafts are here. Also 24 new 2010 videos from the History Ch that shows solid evidence the aliens were here thousands of years in the past. See the truth about the aliens explained better than ever before at my free website alienspaceshipidentified Google search engine. I swear if you read the entire website & watch all of the video evidence you will understand the truth about the aliens.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Was the moon landing hoax duplicated?

As a paranormal investigator, and student of the scientific method, the first things I look for in a theory is can it be falsified? Can it be duplicated? The problem of the NASA moon landing is that there were only three witnesses and a government controlled camera. That's it. Falsification becomes rather difficult since the participants continued to claim they did it decades later.

A film was released by The Viral Factory in 2002 (funny, the term viral applied to videos had not been coined yet) that shows a lunar astronaut stepping onto the moon surface and a light bank falls and hits him. You know folks, it looked kind of real to me. And that's my problem. If an advertising agency could reproduce a film that had the 1960's era video tape look, then NASA with millions, could have done it at a higher order. This video only shows a hoax may be the more likely scenario.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Do animals make crop circles?

This is very neat and surround by hay on the forest floor. Strange.
We have all seen crop circles. So, what did this on a small scale? I know you will say squirrels did this but I don't buy it. If  Todd Standing can go on Survivor Bigfoot and claim every tree break caused by brutal weather in Canada is a Bigfoot, then I'm claiming this is Bigfoot. That is how the game works folks.
This is the area I was in with George

There was much going on that night. We were on our way to find a system of caves. It was getting dark and we were under time pressure. When we got out on the trail, I found what looked like the thing above. Then, further down, I found what looked like a print. There was a forest road in the distance and a white pickup truck was seen driving by out truck. Then, it came back. Security on many fronts was now a concern.

Women sky watches and finds proof of UFO's and makes her own documentary

A woman claims she has proof that Adelaide is being visited by UFO's, and she has even made her home videos into a documentary. The doc is called "UFO's are real" "as real as scorpions flying above" That was an odd stance. Jose Escamillia made a living off of the Rods theory. Many believe they were mostly insects or degraded captures by using tape, before digital came out. In this case, she may have recorded "digital artifacts" which look like the scorpions she mentions, similar to Jose's rods.

The image below shows the various forms of UFO's that have been identified in her documentary. Even if you don't believe, there is something going on in the skies.

Friday, April 11, 2014

A day in the wilderness searching for Skunk Ape

Kevin and I took advantage of a an excellent day in Florida and went hiking in the Starkey wildlife area in Pasco county. This amazing place is 30,000 acres of wild land surrounded by civilization. Many people don't even know its there. For those that do, it offers a real chance to see what Florida looked like centuries before developers entered this area.
The lake behind Kevin's house. You can see how beautiful the day was.
It was only a short drive from Kevin's house to find our way to this place. Immediately upon entering, we could see a deer right up by the front. Kevin says the park is infested with deer. In fact, one of his crew members heard from a cab driver, of all people, that the wildlife commission was authorizing a deer hunt because the Bigfoot population was growing and deer were drawing them in. How about that!
A deer in the distance
Our goal for the day was to make our way back to a wild river which is a watershed for it. We drove several miles into the park to get as close as we could. We still had a difficult hike in front of use but it was worth the time and effort to do this.  The conditions we encountered heading back there were not ideal. The area became very muddy and swampy, and this is the dry time of year. We knew we were in an old growth area because of the size of some of the oak trees we found along the way. We shot a video at this spot and I laughed about finding something that was wider then me. At his point, a lady hiker with a backpack walked up from behind of Kevin and almost scared him to death. The photos here show just how big and old these trees are.
Kevin at the old oak
Tim at the old oak
We finally got out to the rivers edge. It was a smelly and bug infested area. I don't even think Skunk Ape wants to hang out here. Even with the mud, there were no prints. Not even anything we could play up as a print. Not many come out here, but if they did, they were wearing boots. Speaking about boots, I was sinking into the mud to my ankles. Kevin did manage to maneuver on logs. In fact, he was considering tight rope walking across, but considered otherwise.
Along the waters edge
Kevin thinking about crossing
We did find another trail that led us to an even larger expanse of the River. However, it crossed through an old settlers land. You could see what was left of an old barn door (I think). Someone had put a stop sign up but was of no use. Hikers before us had knocked the thing down and went in anyway.
Lots of roots on this path to make it slow going
The sun was getting ready to set and we had to get back to the car. Overall, the day was a success. The air was cool and the bugs were somewhat under control. They will not be in a few months and it was important to get to this area now.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

MUFON meeting in Tampa

Teri and Kevin are great friends of mine and I do Bigfoot research with them. They ate also UFO investigators, and usr their objective approach in field research. We should be working Wednesday when a little cold front will be moving across Florida.

When will the Earth try to kill us again?

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