Monday, April 22, 2013

CST on scene during Boston bombing

More information has been provided about who the military types were on scene during the Marathon bombings. They were CST a division of the National Guard and most states have them. It would of been better if the FBI had stated so earlier.

Boston bombers last Facebook message to father "I have been set up"

This screen shot is making the rounds on the net. Its authenticity has not been verified.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Vampire on interstate 275

121108053150_Howard%20and%20Armenia%20Exit%20on%20275Around four this morning I was headed for the Westshore exit on I 275. The interstate is under construction which is not unusual. After all, Tampa is an old indian word for "roads under construction." They say the repairs are needed but blocking ramps on different days can throw you off and you may even miss an exit because you did not know it was blocked. Driving at night makes this even more precarious.
As I was about to hit the exit, I saw a figure running across the highway and stop at the concrete barricade on the opposite side of the road. I slowed down and pulled on what was left of the shoulder. A women in a low slung dress and barefoot was standing there out of breath and freaking out. I asked her what was wrong, and if she was all right.
"No!" She said.
Her, and some guy she just met, had run out of gas near the exit and he walked off to get gas at a nearby station. What she now told me you could safely put in the weird category. She was standing outside the car smoking a cig, she looked around and saw a women standing on the embankment where the construction was at. She said the women had just appeared out of nowhere, and looked like a ghost. What was really creeping her out was she said it looked like her former boyfriends ex. This shit was getting a little too complicated for gets better.
She says the chicks name is Rachel and has a red streak in her dark hair on the left side. The women she saw had the same red stripe. Hum? That's not really freaky these days but something about that color pattern seems familiar.
"Could it have been your imagination?" I ask. "I mean standing on the side of the road does things to peoples minds."
I believe she was calming down and I offered to take her to find the dude with the gas can. We did and he was down at Westshore and B street at the Shell (the store just happens to be owned by a real asshole). We picked him up and head back to the car on the south side of the road. As she relates the story to him, I can see him smile in the mirror and she is getting back to normal, I guess.
They put the gas in the car and I look around. Nobody is there, only concrete pipes and construction equipment down below. I can't even see how anybody can get back down there anyway.
As I'm driving away, something hits me. I know Rachel. She was the chick that beat me for a $32 fare once and on the ride told me she was some kind of vampire. Groovy. Keep in mind, there is a heavy goth presence in Tampa and many of them go to the Castle night club in Ybor City and mingle with the freaks. Being a Vampire in goth circles mean you feed off others energy. They do try not to suck you dry, so to speak. This chick, however, thought she was a real vampire. Strange. Blood sucker or not, I want my 32 bucks. The night she rode with me she got out to go inside to get the money. I looked away for a split second and she was gone. It was dark and she could have run around the house.
This morning I pulled along the interstate from a side street and went up the embankmentand looked around. After all, I do find Sasquatch stuff in the woods so evidence of someone being back here should be easy stuff. What I found I was not prepared for. There were no footprints but a pattern carved on the ground. It looked like a star or something. I took a picture. Now this is starting to freak me out.
I gave the girl my cell phone number because she said she uses lots of cabs. I hope she calls me. I now have some questions for her.

Friday, April 19, 2013

One Boston bombing suspect killed

The Boston Marathon bombing suspects — armed with explosives and guns — battled law enforcement officers in a Boston suburb early Friday morning, unleashing chaos until cops took one of the men into custody and the other fled, law enforcement sources said.
Officials later said the suspect taken into custody died and authorities identified the man on the run as the "white-hat" suspect, referencing photographs released by the FBI Thursday. Authorities warned he should be considered armed and dangerous.
The standoff in Watertown, Mass., erupted shortly after the fatal shooting of a Massachusetts Institute of Technology police officer. A transit police officer was also wounded in the Watertown fire fight, officials confirmed to NBC affiliate WHDH.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Boston bombers are wearing the same hats

These guys have skulls on their hats. The same one as the Craft security firm. We got no answers at the press conference.

Photos and video of Boston suspects

The FBI released video and photos of the Boston Marathon bombing. They are lying. Those ball caps look like a B or a skull, like the operatives seen in other images. There was no video of them planting the bombs that they will show, and the spokesman was not willing to answer questions. What about the military guys seen in the plazza? Something is not right here.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Boston Marathon terrorist identified

Photos collated on the 4chan website show numerous images of suspicious individuals wearing large backpacks present at the scene of the Boston Marathon bombings.
Three of the men appear to be Arab or Middle Eastern in appearance, whereas another two of the individuals are white.
The images show the men looking away from the marathon runners, talking on cellphones and running from the scene immediately after the blast.
Remains of one of the backpacks are also photographed yards from where one of the bombs exploded. The FBI states that at least one of the pressure cooker devices used in the bombing was housed in a backpack.
Some of these men may have merely been victims, but the image of the two men standing together wearing the same clothes and carrying heavy backpacks and wearing credentials suggests they may have been involved in a drill or in the actual attack.
CNN is now reporting that authorities have identified one of the suspects involved in the attack by means of “video from a department store near the site of the second explosion” and “video from a Boston television station.”
The Boston Globe also reports that, “authorities have an image of a suspect carrying and possibly dropping a black bag at the second

Ghost research at Fort Desoto in Tampa Bay

Kevin, George and I went to Fort Desoto, an old Spanish American War fort, for some interesting research furthering the cause of Enigmatic Anomalies Paranormal Socitey. During this miserable summer, I am now doing other forms of paranormal work while our camera traps are out in the field gathering evidence of Bigfoot.

The mosquito's were out of this world as you will see on this video. This video is exclusive to this blog and cannot be found on YouTube.

Conditions were miserable in 1898 when this fort was constructed. Disease and food shortages were common. Yellow fever was prevalent along the Gulf coast and mosquito's were in the millions on this island. Many of the men must of succomed to the factors found in living here. It is our belief that energy is still in the fort from long ago. That was the objective of this operation.

George and Kevin unloading their equipment
In May, 1980 the Skyway Bridge collapsed after being struck by the tanker the Summit Venture. The main span fell into the water and 37 people lost their lives. A temporay morgue was set up in the magazine hold of the fort. That is were we were going to concentrate our efforts. Other paranormal groups have reported strange things going on in there.
The magazine at the fort
We went in as the sun was begining to set. We almost immediatly got a reading on the Ghost radar of words that were very approprate for the setting. We had been speculating how the soilders were so accurate on firing 800lb shells from cannons fired with nitroglycerin ignited by an electrical charge. When we went in the readout was "Accurate" "Egypt" and "Fed." George immediately said, "Federal troups." Very creepy. later, Kevin got the word "Dead." That was after I had gotten "Hell" and Die."

You can judge for yourself what all of this means.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tim Fasano on live internet TV during ghost investigation

This video is a bit from the live overnight broadcast produced by Kevin Thomas Kehl of Enigmatic Anomalies. They leased a century old cigar factory that many say is haunted. They positioned thermal imaging and night optic equipment throughout the factory, from the basement to the attic. The entire operation was in 'lights-out' mode. It was very compelling TV.
The first part of the show was three interviews on three topics. They were Bigfoot, UFO's and ghost. The assistant state director of MUFON was here and a representative from the Tampa Ghost Society. I was very excited to see the fine job that Kevin had done in organizing this event. It was outstanding work.
This is just the begining of better things to come. Our goals are more far reaching and we want to take this to a world wide audience. Internet TV is a good start.

Boston Marathon terrorism act a false flag

Many reasons to think there was advance notice of this terrorist act.

Boston Marathon bombing a false flag operation?

Kevin wondered if this was a false flag operation for Obama to continue to take away our rights. Shades of 9/11 are being seen all over this. We dont know much yet but the mainstream media is blaming right wing extremists when the Boston police had bomb sniffing dogs on scene. They are not mentioning the Middle East.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Animal mutilation at Myakka

This pig looks like it was hunted and killed. The skin seems to be pulled back and the neck broken. Kevin and I found an entire area with dead animals lying around. I've never seen anything like this and it was where the YouTube sighting video was posted.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Myakka Skunk Ape investigation

I am headed for the park now to do a follow up investigation to all the "sighting videos" that have been put up on YouTube. I will be focusing on two main areas. The area where the lady shot the recent video, and the area where Stacy Brown Jr and his crew found  the prints and the scat sample.

It will take most of the day to do this but the weather is looking good. Stay tuned for updates on this blog and on my YouTube channel. I should have tons of photos, so get ready. You will like what you...I guarantee it.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Enhanced video may show a Skunk Ape in Myakka

Michael Merchant of Team Tazer believes this could be an escaped exotic or a real Skunk Ape. My team will be there Saturday at this exact spot!  We could find prints or more of the animals I spoke with Stacy and let him know we were going in. If we find solid evidence,  this place becomes ground zero. How cool is that! I live near this place. Check Saturday and see how we are doing.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

UFO Bigfoot debrief campfire

There was a lot going on out here in our night expedition and we needed to debrief. There were howls, bright stars, and things flying around on the Myakka Savannah. The lady in the video is high up with MUFON.

MABRC uses censorship on Tim Fasano

The administration of MABRC (where researchers think outside the box), D.W. Lee, will not cover the Myakka situation on his forum because Tim Fasano is there. He says it is a publicity stunt for me. Oh really. This is what he had to say:
"Editor's Note: I have not been covering the current Myakka incidents ongoing at the moment due to the presence of Tim Fasano in the area, and the fact that this is turning more into a publicity thing for him. I am maintaining a database of the events should it turn out to be more, but at the moment, I will just post this."
Don't censor me...I may not like that
Gee, All I have done is praise Stacy, Josh, Terri, Kevin, Steve, Julio and others, as well as, TheSasquatchHunters and EnigmaticAnomalies. Stacy has been the bomb and a great asset to the Bigfoot world in how he has organized this event. He was able to get research groups to work together, and that ain't easy in the Bigfoot world.

Stacy Brown jr telling Kevin where the encoutner was at
Ask anyone there if I have tried to "hog the show." In fact, I have only put up a few videos and I'm posting everything the other guys are doing. Between the hours and days worked, the samples gathered, the witness statements taken, where was this publicity thing supposed to be going on. Most of the updates on Shawn's blog featured Stacy - as they should have. I was not the 'big shit' down there. I have no idea what D.W. Lee is talking about.

Monday, April 1, 2013

At the Myakka Skunk Ape hunt

This is Bill Brock and I cruising by the powerline and the famous sighting area in Myakka State Park. Bill came down from Maine to be part of this exciting event. He was a real cool dude, just like Stacey.

When will the Earth try to kill us again?

Our planet Earth has extinguished large portions of its inhabitants several times since the dawn of animals. And if science tells us anyt...