Monday, December 30, 2013

EA - Radio interview Tim Fasano Bigfoot hunter

Kevin has started a radio interview show that would rival C2C. He is booking a variety of guest that span the paranormal field. This is the radio show with Tim Fasano.

Rebecca Renfroe - Alien abductee

Kevin just signed a contract to produce 13 episodes of EA-TV in the largest market between Miami and Atlanta. His show is paranormal, and will feature many topics from ghost, UFO'S, Bigfoot, and more. This promo radio interview was done by Terri. a host if the TV show dealing with alien abduction.

Kevin has long range plans of having a paranormal cable tv channel within five years. Yes, there will be lots of Bigfoot stuff!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Enigmatic Anomalies paranormal investigators

Kevin Thomas Kehl and George McGee are paranormal investigators. Their group is Enigmatic. Anomalies from the Tampa Bay area. They specialize in ghost busting or hunting but they are involved in all things paranormal.

I met them last January when they had me as a quest on their internet TV show. We have developed a working relationship since then.
They do come prepared. You can see the equipment boxes they have and they are full of high tech gear used in ghost hunting. I got to use an EMF detector that was cool.

The search was a success. We started out by hiking out to the beach past the quartermaster office, and civilian and NCO housing. These guys had a real mosquito problem ...not the officers. Their quarters were on the point facing Egmont key where the most wind is at. This keeps the mosquitos at bay which provides comfort to the officers. Back at the fort we got key words out of ghost radar, such as, accurate, movie, Egypt, fed, die, death and hell. You can make from this what you want. I believe something is going on.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Bigfoot night thermal investigation

We are using a full spectrum camera (modified) that allows a search party to move to the tree line in total darkness by using thermal lights. The images are captured on a camera screen at base. By getting up close we can avoid the obvious shortcoming of "Finding Bigfoot" that only uses FLIR from a distance. Our method puts a researcher close to whatever made the hot reading then bathes the squatch in thermal lights getting a spectacular image.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

The undead kitty

This is a cool image of a cat by the shrimp boats. Where is the kitty going,? Does he have a home? I have many days when I feel like this kitty.

St. Augustine and Ghost

St. Augustine Florida is one of the most haunted places in America. From the old Civil War blockade fort, to the old hotels, shops, and homes, an abundence of ghost sightings and creepy phenomena has been reported in this historic city on the East coast of Florida. Enigmatic Anomalies recently went up there to film an episode for EA-Tv. This is an outtake with Terry hosting.

Ghost investigation McNeil Homestead

The McNeil homestead was founded by a Confederate officer after the Civil War. It lasted until the Great Depression. The family had a graveyard and we went to Pasco county to investigate. The main ghost investigation was done at night. We also headed out afterwards to look for Bigfoot. Kevin said there had been a sighting reported to him and he knew where the area was at. We did get in a good night hike but we did not find much. Anyway, it was back to camp.

George moving ahead

Kevin pointing something out

EARS-TV Bigfoot episode part two

This is part two of the interview on EA-TV about the Florida Skunk Ape.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Duck Dynasty and the assault on Christianity

The Obama administration wants to marginalize Christian values in America. They failed to consider the millions of Duck Dynasty fans.

Bigfoot UFO campfire

A famous Bigfoot investigator has a conversation with a MUFON leader about the metaphysics of Bigfoot.

EARS-TV UFO intetview Rebecca Renfroe

Kevin just signed a contract to produce 13 episodes of EA-TV in the largest market between Miami and Atlanta. His show is paranormal, and will feature many topics from ghost, UFO'S, Bigfoot, and more. This promo radio interview was done by Terri. a host if the TV show dealing with alien abduction.

Kevin has long range plans of having a paranormal cable tv channel within five years. Yes, there will be lots of Bigfoot stuff!

A fuel log on the fire

The sun was setting in the Green Swamp as I arrived. Before you can do Bigfoot stuff, you must perform the maintenance if the camp. This meant finding firewood for it was going to be cold tonight. That was fine for we had our night optics and were ready. This was going to be fun.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

U.N. deploys on American soil

What is causing this mass unrest they are preparing for could be a number of different things. One major factor that could cause mass panic are reports like the one we at brought you of the Federal Government cutting off EBT out of spite for the fowl ups in the operating systems, caused by the President Obama Cabinet pulling the plug on the system during the shutdown. This would mean that thousands of people in the lower poverty level states to be without needed food and supplies. Not counting the list of the ones that don’t work that can, an estimated 8 million, and the illegal aliens that get WIC, EBT, HUD Housing and other support due to children born in the US, there are literally millions of disabled Americans that would be without resources. Would that not be enough to cause this?

The Skunk Ape howls video

I recorded these howls in a state controlled watershed at night. This was the same area I offered to take Matt Moneymaker into on this same date three months ago ( I never heard from him). He would now have great howls for his show. It was the beginning of migration season and the permanent population wad getting excited about their friends return. I recorded several on this video.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Enigmatic Anomalies TV premier episode

Terri Linge (assistant Florida director for MUFON) will host the first Enigmatic Anomalies TV show on September 22, 2013 on channel 38 Tampa Florida. Kevin Thomas Kehl has worked hard on this project for the last two years and I am overjoyed.

Kevin contacted me two years ago about producing a TV show that dealt with paranormal themes. He interviewed me on camera for tape to be used on the eventual Bigfoot episode. After that, we became full-time research partners. Kevin shot video the entire time.

It took a while but he finally got it on TV with the beautiful and talented Terri hosting the show.

We will be in the Green Swamp in October which will be the focal point of the eventual Skunk Ape show. There will be many UFO shows, ghost, Bigfoot, strange phenomenon and more

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Sharon Hill mocks Bigfoot people

She does not get out in the woods and cannot possibly understand what bigfooters experience. Sharon Hill mocks people who make money off of Bigfoot while she rakes it in on the skeptic angle (different side of the coin). Its all show business according to Hill. I guess we need each other to survive. Stop caring so much for something you have so little faith in. We may be searching for something that transcends science, a concept your closed mind could never wrap around.
This is what she wrote in the Huffington Post:
" Bigfootery these days is extremely unscientific, resembling a religion in more ways than one. There are the priests and the saints (the TV Squatchers, the authors, and few scientists and advocates who promote the cause), there are relics (footprints, hair samples, etc), there is cryptozoological canon (the Patterson-Gimlin film, certain books by experts now deceased) but most of all there are followers with faith. Bigfooters have experiences that they attribute by default to their monster of choice - they hear tree knocking and vocalizations, they have stones thrown at them, they find tree structures and broken limbs that they interpret as a form of communication. Some say there are habituation sites where Bigfoots repeatedly visit and accept food from human neighbors.
If that sounds like convincing evidence to you, pause a moment.
Those are all stories and interpretation of observations based on wishful thinking. We have never found solid evidence of a Bigfoot. Tracks, traces, anecdotes... shouldn't there be MORE than that? Individuals have different ideas about what evidence is convincing to them. My bar is set much higher in response to this particular claim due to its implausible nature. This is why scientist are not too interested in cryptid-hunting. The evidence is weak and explainable through other means. It's extreme to think that if there was a new ape out there to find in North America that, first, we would not already have found it decades ago, and, second, that scientists would not be falling over themselves trying to study it.
When critical thinkers approach the subject of Bigfoot (or cryptozoology in general) with a focus on the evidence, they are met with reproach. We are challenging much more than the claim; we challenge their belief. They will resort to what Biblical literalists will do to evolutionists - they demonize, call us names, misquote, pick at small mistakes, and take words and ideas out of context. They create an extreme position and shoot it down (called a "straw man" argument) because it's a power play to make them feel superior. (Note that some aggressive "skeptics" will do that and it's not fair play in that case either.) All the while, they skirt the MAJOR flaws in their own conclusions.
Bigfoot-themed and other cryptozoology blogs and forums are typically hostile to skeptics, even moderate ones like myself. They can't understand why we even want to participate since we are going to "deny" everything. Gee, sorry for being interested in the topic and in getting a good answer for peoples' experiences. Questioning is not denying, it's thinking.
One popular Bigfoot blog posts every crazy claim or video under the heading "Bigfoot Evidence". They get hits regardless that the content can be outwardly sexist and rude and crude comments are allowed. Those that contribute to this site are considered Bigfoot "experts" even though their qualifications are shallow and questionable. Their information comes from one side only and they won't acknowledge skeptical input unless they have an opportunity to mock it. (The exact same methods are used on other paranormal sites that refuse to acknowledge critical pieces about their pet topics. Hmm... cowardly? Yes. And, I would add, intellectually dishonest.) It's seen to be more profitable, socially and economically, to be a Bigfoot believer than a scientific skeptic. While I'd like that to change, I don't think it will.
We have every reason to question the Bigfoot evidence out there. It's not good, it's flimsy. Oh, sure, a hundred people will chime in and disagree. I expect that. Just like Loxton and Prothero expected huge pushback from the Bigfoot community. Predictably, that's what they got. These outraged commentators provide nothing new or convincing. Just like the tired old arguments in favor of Creationism, Bigfooters have their go-to tales and favorite examples. Why have these theories not been supported by stronger evidence over time? The field has not advanced, except in public popularity. Bigfoot is an icon, a commodity. But it's still not a valid animal.
Are you on the fence about Bigfoot, just curious about the topic? Want a great example of solid research written in an entertaining fashion? Pick up a copy of Abominable Science and weigh that against what you see on TV and on the pro-Bigfoot internet sites. Note the tone, language and quality of arguments of each circle. Observe the difference between examining the evidence of the subject and having faith in it. There is a HUGE and obvious gap."
We like what we do Hill. We don't need your money grubbing self to show us the way.

Bigfoot hair sample found six feet in a tree

Maybe we should submit this to the Ketchum DNA Bigfoot study. Kevin is six foot three and found hair on a tree at his eye level. This was found a few weeks ago in the Green Swamp. He does not know what it is and everyone he shows it to says it is hair. These are the things we look for when deciding to deploy a game cam.
We are keeping evidence and perhaps one day we will release our findings.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Nancy Pelosi shameless Syrian pimp

It was just reported that Nancy Pelosi shamelessly used an alleged conversation she had with her 5 year-old grandson to justify her support of military intervention in Syria. She explained to her purportedly inquisitive grandson that she is for war with Syria, but not in Syria, as they’ve killed hundreds of children there.
To Nancy Pelosi and everyone else who has the vile audacity to use children as the acceptable mantra of intervention, I say take a long and hard look at the picture of this little girl chained to a fence by those with whom you and your ilk have allied. It is the heartbreaking image of a toddler living in Eastern Syria, mercilessly shackled to a fence by the very people you support, the very savages you’ve armed, and the very people you consider acceptable to achieve your goal of reshaping the power structure in the Middle East for a seat at the globalists’ table. It was done in our name, using our tax dollars, with your approval but not our consent.

UFO obsering Syria Civil War?

If this YouTube video is accurate, aliens may be very concerned about Syria and what man may do to himself, the foolish humans. The photo below seems to show something unidentified flying near a trouble zone in Syria.

Bigfoot sighting Ocala National Forest

OBSERVED: I was out trail riding in a remote part of the Ocala National Forest when I became stuck in a mud hole. I was out there for several hours waiting for someone to come pull me out. What got my attention first was the sound of someone hitting something against a tree which striked me as odd considering where I was at and I didn't hear any other vehicles prior to the knock so I proceeded to approach the sounds after walking about 300 yards away from my vehicle I saw what I thought was a huge man in a ghillie suit striking a pine tree with a large stick as I got closer I realized it was not a man but a huge creature that I will never forget as long as I live. It had a huge chest probably 60in. across and though it was in a slumped standing position it had to be 8 feet tall with long muscular arms and long chest and mid section like its legs were shorter than chest area. As I was trying slowly to back away to get back to my truck I stepped on a stick and it immediately turned to look at me using its whole body to do so and then it ran off caring stick in a graceful stride through the woods.
BFRO Report 37275: Dusk sighting of a bigfoot tree knocking in the Ocala National Forest

Friday, August 30, 2013

Rare summer time Bigfoot expedition in the Green Swamp

It is extremely rare to have favorable conditions for the swamps this time of year. Kevin remarks about the lack of bugs. That was the one thing that made this tolerable.I was very happy about being in the swamp this time of year. The Tampa area was underwater from storms and we had a clear sky with a full moon, and no bugs. Cool.

Bigfoot expedition into the Great Green Swamp of Florida

I am very tired but I have a lot of stuff that made this trip very special. Everything went right. The weather and the bugs cooperated and we made it to Skunk Ape Mountain. I will soon upload all the video. We hide nothing.
kevin and George by the "Prepper truck"
Tim and George on "Skunk Ape Mountain"
Campfire at sunset

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Was George H.W. Bush at Texas School Book Depository when JFK assassinated?

The reason George H.W. Bush was in Dallas the day of the assassination was becasue he was a CIA agent, and working on a black bag job that had to do with the botched "Bay of Pigs" invasion. That was a Richard NIxon operation and JFK pulled the plug on it in the last minute, leaving many good men to die.
I will go on to show how Bush, Gerald Ford (Warren commission) were all rewarded by Nixon for fathful service. Good things happen to people that play the party line.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Largest Bigfoot trackway ever found

Tractor pull by Florida wildlife commission
An area in the Green Swamp that we have been working for three years has yielded fantastic results. The Florida Wildlife and Game Commission will often drag line with a tractor to till earth for the purpose of recording animal prints. This way they can get an estimate of local animal populations. This time, they may have gotten more they thought. They may have captured Bigfoot prints.

A research group Enigmatic Anomalies has formed a TV company. They followed my lead and went into a specific area and found the mother load. There were adult and child prints that stretched for about 1,500 feet. I have never heard of such a find.

This discover will be featured in an upcoming pilot for a cable TV series about paranormal activity.

This production company will be featuring me on the segment that deals with the Florida Skunk Ape. I am very excited about the things that are going down right no. We will do our first shoot Tuesday in the field just before sunrise and Thursday in a studio interview shoot. This will take place in a very spooky studio at night in an old Tampa Cigar Factory to the set the right mood. It is said these old buildings are haunted.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Blue UFO seen over Florida

A strange blue object traveled over Florida Friday night from Jacksonville to the Keys. Many people saw it and reported it as a UFO. NASA said there was a more natural explanation for it.

"Meteorologists in Melbourne said the sight was nothing to be alarmed about. “There is no reason to be freaking out,” laughed National Weather Service meteorologist John Pendergrast, based in Brevard County.

Scientists believe the swirly white or electric-bluish cloud was caused by the exhaust plume of the rocket, which formed a cloud of ice crystals 240,000 to 280,000 feet above Earth. The illumination was caused by the sun still shining at that height."...Sun Sentinel

Time traveling hipster

Time travel, thought to be pure science fiction… well until this photo surfaced. It is being called the time travelling hipster. The photo was taken in 1940 at a bridge opening in Canada. If you look at the picture everything looks normal but then you see the man up front wearing the glasses. People believe he is wearing a printed t- shirt which was not around at the time. Other people believe the t- shirt is actually a sweater with designs sown into it

Internment camps have been built in America

I am sure you heard the rumors that Halliburton was building internment camps out west to house either Muslim or enemies of the US. They WILL BE USED for dissidents and Malcontents of the New World Order.  You know, people who believe in the first ten amendments to the Constitution that are called the BILL OF RIGHTS - primarily the TENTH AMENDMENT.  
Be very afraid of this enemy to liberty and justice. The only way citizens will be able to protect themselves, is to ARM themselves. If you don't have a gun - get one!
Why is the Army National Guard now advertising on for "Internment/Resettlement specialist." They will pull this ad later this year.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Art Bell coming back?

With his non- compete clause run out, Art Bell is dropping clues on his website that something may be in the works. He has a large image of the famous line from the Jodie Foster movie contact..."Do you want to take a ride." There are millions of his fans that would want to go back on a ride with him.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Minnesota Iceman to be on public display

In the 1960's the Minnesota Iceman was seen at mall's around the country. It has not been seen until now. On July 3, the icemam will be on display in Austin Texas.

The Bigfoot creature was supposedly shot in Minnesota and has remained frozen since. Word is two Smithsonian scientists examined the beast and said it was latex. That kind of reminds me of the Georgia hoax 2008.

To bad Rick Dyer has not put his Bigfoot on public display. At least people would be able to see it.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Alex Jones says thousands of astronauts are dead and moon landing fake

I cannot find another source for this other then this video clip. I have always believed NASA has maintained a shadow or parralel space program. I would just want more proof then this rant by Alex Jones.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Estrogen in the nations water supply

Most water supplies are tainted wirh estrogen. This could be a natural result of modern agriculture and sewer treatment facilities. Cows produce the estrogen in their waste and birth control pills find their way into the sewer.
The result is a 400% increase in breast cancer and a drop in male success rates. This may be planned by the NWO as some suggest. Not sure but drink bottled water instead.

Is Alex Jones Bill Hicks!?

Alex Jones has always seemed not quite right to me. Not in that way, but his resume never added up for me. First, how could he have been born in 1974? He is only 39? He seems older then that. I read people have called the High School Jones claims to have gone to and the've never heard of him. Today, I found a plausible reason why. He may be the late comedian Bill Hicks.
The Atlanteanconspiracy blog had a very detailed article with comparison photos showing the Hicks and Jones side by side with a 100% match on face recognition. Wow! They were both from Austin and had a fascination with the Waco FBI raid on the Dividiancompound. Both filmed videos from the same place. Both are dark and irreverent in nature. Not really cuddly guys (I don't cuddle guys by the way).
I called Tom, a cab driver friend of mine and an expert on comedian's and pop culture and says the verdict is not in on this one. He's seen the photos and its close man, very close. He really wants to believe this one because he was a major fan of Hicks and wants him to be alive. But he sees it as an Andy Kaufman kind of thing. We seem to be learning more about this dovetail of lives between these two controversial men.

Monday, April 22, 2013

CST on scene during Boston bombing

More information has been provided about who the military types were on scene during the Marathon bombings. They were CST a division of the National Guard and most states have them. It would of been better if the FBI had stated so earlier.

Boston bombers last Facebook message to father "I have been set up"

This screen shot is making the rounds on the net. Its authenticity has not been verified.

When will the Earth try to kill us again?

Our planet Earth has extinguished large portions of its inhabitants several times since the dawn of animals. And if science tells us anyt...