Mohamed Atta had a Florida pilots and taxi licence

Mohamed Atta once had a hack license issued by the Hillsborough County Transportation Commission. Atta never came back to pick it up. He had applied to work at United Cab of Tampa, but never showed up for work either.

My research shows he was living in the Tampa area for some time while taking flying lessons in Venice Florida and Jones aviation in Sarasota.

Most people were told that he only had a few hours on a simulator and was not interested in knowing how to land. This is not true.

The owner of Huffman Aviation in Venice said Mohamed Atta and a friend walked in the front door one day in late 2000 and wanted to know about getting pilots license and how much that would cast. They were told the cost was $18,000 with $1,000 down and $1.000 a week for the entire 18 week course. They paid with a check drawn on First Union Bank.

All did not go smooth as their first instructor found them arrogant and hard to teach. They switched instructors and were able to finish the course and Atta earned his "Temporary Airman's  license" with a score of 90 of a 122 possible points during a five hour exam.. This allowed him to rent out planes on his own which he did on many occasions.

Proof Mohamed Atta Know how to land and take off in an airplane
Atta did not stop at this, he went on December 21, 2000 he earned a full instrument ratting and a COMMERCIAL PILOTS LICENSE. ("airplane multiengine land/ instrument airplane/ private pilot privileges/ airplane single engine land"). (Source) He earned these credentials in a rather short period of time. 

I believe he was running out of money and It was during this period that he applied for a hack license in Tampa. The TPC still has his license on file. It is unknown what his intentions were about driving a cab, considering he had goals of altering world history for ever. He flew planes to Miami from Venice and from Jones aviation to Tampa. He knew how to take off and land. Skills that he really would not put to much use.

It was from Tampa where he flew American Airlines to Spain to meet with representatives from Iraq.


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