Artificial structures on the moon

This may be the real reason America has not gone back to the moon. Certainly we have the technology. It has been 43 years since Apollo eleven. Since then, all we have done is fool around with the space shuttle program. This makes no since.
These NASA images do seem to show formations that are not natural. Could they have been formed by aliens? Could that be why we dont even try again.
The one shows an astronaut with what seems to be a brick wall behind him. The other looks like exact digging was done with machinery. Weird man.
These images are easy to find just go to Google.


  1. You realize this is photoshopped, right?
    There is the original.

  2. The bottom image is clearly an satellite photo of the Pyramids in Egypt. The top image is more than likely another image from the Pyramid site as well. Nice try.

  3. This makes no sense (not since).


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