Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Apollo 18 Was A Secret NASA Project That Discovered Alien Life

The release date has been changed
Director Gonzalo Lopez-Gallego in the upcoming thriller explores just what happened to Apollo 18, and why future moon landings were canceled.  History records the last moon landing as Apollo 17. Did we go to the moon without the worlds knowledge? This movie will show documents that prove NASA has always had a secret lunar program and it explains why we have never returned to the moon.

The Russians were on the moon and encountered aliens. Apollo 18 came behind them and found the Russian lander and alien footprints on the moon. They would soon have a direct encounter and it is believed they never returned to Earth. NASA told their families they burned up on re-entry.

I have done a post on this topic where many researchers believe NASA found evidence of alien life on the moon, and that was the reason we never returned. It was not just the alien discovery that scared us off - it was a confrontation with extraterrestrials that forced NASA to close the Apollo Project. This movie will attempt to prove this point.

Lopez-Gallego claims that old NASA footage was discovered shot by the Apollo 18 crew. The discovered films show that the crew ran into an abandoned Russian Lunar lander, and that the crew had vanished. The American astronauts had direct contact with extraterrestrial life and never returned to Earth. That is all the director is saying at this point.

He claims none of this was made up - they are presenting REAL footage as it was filmed by the Lunar landing crew. I find this premise compelling, the say the least. This guy is being original and it brings up questions about a surrogate space program that NASA may have been operating for decades.

I live in Florida and I have filmed space launches from the street I live on WHEN THERE WERE NO SCHEDULED LAUNCHES! The day I filmed this, the NASA website said they had launched a small rocked from a mobile launcher on the back of a truck in Virginia. Ya, right.

Below are some of the documents that the movie will use to try and prove this mission really happened in 1974. People would have seen the space craft take off. Perhaps they did

Erickson Project Photo Of Sleeping Bigfoot Is A Fake

Rest little puppy
This photo released by the Erickson Project is supposed to show a sleeping Bigfoot. Oh really? Does Bigfoot have a tail? Work with me for a moment. I am an expert at this, considering I DID film a sleeping skunk ape and you can find it on my YouTube channel
  1. This image was taken by someone standing upright.
  2. The image is at about a 45 degree angle.
  3. The tree limbs in the foreground are frail and thin meaning the shooter was VERY close..
  4. The animal was no bigger then a medium to small dog. 
Bigfoot weights about 50 lbs! Get real. This is as bad as bad gets. Adrian Erickson must of gone to the local dog park for this photo. How can you people not see this?

Erickson is running a hoax. He is out to support his crumbling real estate development company. Unfortunately, he is is not street wise enough to fool a veteran cab driver who knows when his yank is being pulled. There is no evidence of Bigfoot coming from him. There is a Bigoot, but Erickson does not have the goods. That being said.

Follow the real researchers such as tcsjrbigfoot, firstbillyjack, fasanotampa. You can find them on YouTube. I would have made that statement two years ago, and nothing has changed. These hoaxers will come and go but the real guys just keep going on.

After it is all said and done, Erickson and Meldrun  will piss off a lot of people. Many of these people have been asking for it because of their political correctness in the Bigfoot community. There needs to be a shakeout. That is good. It will leave the same Bigfoot guys that were there all along. The others will be exposed.

My fear is there wont be enough people left to care.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

A mysterious Capybara rodent Captured On Camera Trap In California

A mysterious rodent

Witnesses estimate the creature, called a capybara, weighs at least 100 pounds. I saw one of these in a circus tent when I was a kid. It looked like a large, strange pig. According to an article from Reuters, the capybara has the dubious honor of being the world's largest rodent. This is the third sighting in three years. Experts believe it is the same creature.

It sort of looks like a pig/rat
California is a long way from South America, so how did this king-size creature get to the Golden State? The most likely explanation, according to Todd Tognazzini of the California Department of Fish and Game, is that the big beast is an escaped pet. The capybara, which resembles a huge guinea pig, eats vegetation and, despite its intimidating size, is not considered dangerous. It's also kind of cute, as seen on Good Morning America below.

One of the problems we have in Florida is released exotics. Everything from snakes to monkeys have been let go. People think they are helping the animal, but this is not true. These animals become invasive to the local environment. They upset the exo-system. This puts other animals at risk as the invasive competes for the same food source. 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Rick Perry And The NAFTA Highway: What He Does Not Want You To Know

Map of the NAFTA Highway

Rick Perry is slick. He is very slick. He looks good and has charm that makes him a natural. He is also very manipulative, and has worked hard to enrich himself at the expense of Texas and America. Look at a map of Texas, and locate interstate 35. This is were the controversy lies.

Governor Perry has received massive donations from International corporations for his campaigns, and has vetoed bills that would put roadblocks up for what is called the NAFTA Superhighway. This road is very bad for American jobs. This Governor is not a jobs President, unless it is jobs for China.

To allow cheap merchandise to be imported into the United States by this highway with no tariffs is a crime. The dumping of junk into North America from China only makes them stronger, and us weaker. We have worked hard to establish minimum wage laws and OSHAS regulations that establish what is fair, honest and legit for the treatment of workers. Rick Perry will allow China to do whatever they want. They are amazed at what they are getting away with. What they are doing to us is strong and they will crush us. I only hope there are enough Burger Kings left for people to have jobs.

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