The Squatchmaster claims to have the best Bigfoot evidence of 2012

Are you kidding me? Jim Patterson from Ohio posted a video on YouTube two years ago showing a white boy wearing blue jeans, a jacket and hoodie pulling on a small tree. The video was easily debunked by many in the Bigfoot community.
It was not even a good hoax.

Now, according to the Squatchmaster, the Finding Bigfoot gang are saying that video was the best evidence they saw last year. No such thing. Jim spliced two video stills into a Finding Bigfoot promo reel. WTF? Is this guy crazy!
Jim Patterson went to the Cincinnati zoo and videotaped a gorilla in a cage and tried to say it was shot in the woods of eastern Ohio. Does Matt Moneymaker know this?
This is from Squatchmasters YouTube site.
"Here it is folks..Proof that my Tree Shaker was a real Sasquatch. Also a print captured from that very clip of the Bigfoot at the tree site. That print has clearly visible toes in it..just as I have always said. You wanted cold hard facts..well that is the only thing being posted here from now on. No festivals giving away "free" T Shirts with my name on them at state parks or stumbling through trails surrounding a campsite with night vision camera in hand pretending to be deep in the woods. The posts here will be few and far between as I will only post solid actual evidence here from now on."
Read his comments. He still has supporters! How? Who?


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