Timbergiant and Dr Bindernagel defend the bush video

Jim "timbergiantbigfoot" makes a case defending himself against the debunking video by Phil Poling of Team Tazer Bigfoot. Jim uses Dr. Bindernagel to show how tall the Bigfoot was he video taped. Cool. I got it. That creates even more mystery. Why did Jim take the video down? Even his most loyal fans say they can't find it. That's not right. They should be able to see it. That is strange. Jim also shot video last November 21st of a Bigfoot in Canada that he made private on YouTube, but has yet to release it. Why? I don't know if Jim filmed a Sasquatch or not because he hides his sighting videos, but shows his blobs. I'm glad Poling had ripped his copy before timber took it down after questions were raised. Show us what you have Jim if you are real.


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