Piltdown Man hoax mystery solved

The fossil remains of what became known as the Piltdown man were discovered in a Sussex gravel pit in 1912. The find was hailed as a missing link in the evolutionaryladder between apes and humans, evidence of an ancient humanancestorthat lived 500,000 years ago. It would take another50years for Piltdown man to be exposed as a hoax, how it had been orchestrated andwhohadbeen responsibleforithoweverwas toremain a mystery.
Now a group of archaeologists, palaeontologists and anthropologists are to hold a meetingto discuss the results of a new investigation in to the hoax aimed at solving the mystery once and for all. Among the suspects are amateurarchaeologist Charles Dawson who discovered the bones and Sherlock Holmes authorArthurConanDoyle.


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