UFO sighting news: alien base found on moon

A new YouTube video seems to show artificial structures on the moon. What looks like a building and a tower can be seen. A UFO blog is showing the images from the video.
I believe this has everything to do with why NASA has never returned to the moon. The Apollo lunar landings found evidence of an ancient alien presence on the moon. The decision was made that the people of Earth were not advanced enough process it through various cultures. Nothing else would make sense.
We are far more advanced now then 1969. Current technology would make it a breeze to return to the moon. Instead we have spent decades on the space shuttle and space station. Clearly, these have been important to science but much more could have been accomplished on the moon. I really UFO disclosure will happen when we eventually return. With a dispanded NASA that may not be in our lifetime.
The link below has the story and the video.
UFO SIGHTINGS DAILY: Hexagon Base Discovered On Moons Surface, Oct 20, 2012 Photos.


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