Monday, October 22, 2012

Melba Ketchum DNA Lab closed down

The Ketchum Project seems to be coming to a silent end. What was going to be the greatest scientific discovery of all time, will leave many very disapointed.

After all they were going to produce DNA evidence of Bigfoot derived under scientific conditions. They were going to prove to a disbelieving world that a giant primate in the thousands is roaming North America. It would be a find that would shake the scientific community to the core.

They did no such thing.

In fact, on Shawn's blog there is a photo of the lab which seems to have been closed and nobody knows were they are at. Strange.

I stated over a year ago that the paper will never be published. The participants will just try to walk away. A get out of town if you will. Is that what is going one?

It should not be that easy for them, or the people who supported them. I think people who publicly supported them should lose their credibility in the Bigfoot world. They were all part of this possible hoax.

Not all hoaxes are as crude as a monkey suit on ice. Some come under the guise of science. hence, they are given credibility and operate without the healthy scrutiny that should trial such an endeavour to prove the impossible. Many seem to have been taken in by this. That is a shame. But you can't say they weren't warned

Oh, whatever happened to Erickson?


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