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Is an alien probe orbiting earth?
A space probe of unknown origin is circling around earth. It is called 1991 VG.
In late 1991 a strange object approached and passed within celestial spitting distance of the Earth, causing surprise, and some disquiet, among astronomers before vanishing back into the depths of space. The object was catalogued as “1991 VG,” and to this day it remains a mystery.
Spotted on November 6, 1991, by astronomer Jim Scotti, 1991 VG was initially thought to be an NEO—a Near Earth Object, probably an asteroid, of which there are many that periodically pass by too close for comfort and of which the public is blissfully unaware. At the time of discovery, 1991 VG was approximately 2,046,000 miles from Earth and heading inbound rapidly. Scotti, who was tracking with the small Spacewatch telescope at Kitt Peak National Observatory, Arizona, described it as a “fast- moving asteroidal object.”
Continued observation revealed that the obj…

Giant human footprint found in South Africa

Chemtrail patterns

Look up in the sky on a clear day and the sky may not appear so blue. In fact, the sky may have various crisscross patterns of white plum that linger for hours. They don't even seem to dissipate. They sort of expand and cover the sky. What was a sunny day, now, has a opaque glow to it.
These are chemtrails and can only be seen in North America (verified by NASA images). Various theories suggest mass inoculation to weather control by a secret government agency.
Whatever they are it is not natural
This is something more people should be concerned with.

Ghost at Fort Desoto (a Spanish American War Fort)

Kevin, George and I went to Fort Desoto, an old Spanish American War fort, for some interesting research furthering the cause of enigmatic anomalies. During the miserable summer, I am now doing other forms of paranormal work while our camera traps are out in filed gathering evidence of Bigfoot.

The mosquito's were out of this world as you will see on this video. This video is exclusive to this blog and cannot be found on YouTube.

Conditions were miserable in 1898 when this fort was constructed. Disease and food shortages were common. Yellow fever was prevalent along the Gulf coast and mosquito's were in the millions on this island. Many of the men must of succomed to the factors found in living here. It is our belief that energy is still in the fort from long ago. That was the objective of this operation.

In May, 1980 the Skyway Bridge collapsed after being struck by the tanker the Summit Venture. The main span fell into the water and 37 people lost their lives. A temporay mo…

Artificial structures on the moon

This may be the real reason America has not gone back to the moon. Certainly we have the technology. It has been 43 years since Apollo eleven. Since then, all we have done is fool around with the space shuttle program. This makes no since.
These NASA images do seem to show formations that are not natural. Could they have been formed by aliens? Could that be why we dont even try again.
The one shows an astronaut with what seems to be a brick wall behind him. The other looks like exact digging was done with machinery. Weird man.
These images are easy to find just go to Google.

The haunted mausoleum at Myrtle Hill Cemetery

The haunted mausoleum in Tampa is well known among ghost hunters. Almost everyone that investigates this cemetery at night has some type of experience.<br/>
Tom sent me this photo from the location while he was doing an advance exploraltion for our Thursday night investigation. There will be three of us and we will be using some really cool equipment. Kevin has the gear and I hope to get some results.

Symbols in a Gothic graveyard

Gothic cemeteries are ornate with specific styles of headstone design. You can see Tom here looking at the grave of a Confederate officer at Oaklawn cemetery in Tampa Florida. This marker is the spire type that indicates a life interrupted or cut short.
People in the nineteenth century had different ideas about death. Perhaps because death was more common. In the absence of modern medicine, mortality must have been very high. Tom and I did notice many baby graves here.
My thought was they were trying to make a nice resting place for the departed. After all, we will be joining them soon. With death being eminent, more attention was giving to the graveyard design.

The Seminole Bigfoot trail cam project in Florida

The Seminole Project of Florida is a deep field deployment of stealth game cams to get a clear image of the Skunkape. This project is long term in nature currently deploying multiple cameras for up to six months at a time. The cameras are stationed in deep swamps now and they will not be accessible until November.

We have worked hard over several months to find, and test areas we believe have the right combination of environmental factors conducive to supporting a Skunkape. This has been hard work but we are confident it has been worth it.
These images show the trail cam without the faceplate because we were changing the media card and the batteries. This is Tim Fasano after securing the Bigfoot camera to a tree. The last image is the python adjustable cable lock used to create a tight fit. This is necessary because it's now storm season in Florida and the camera could be dislodged.

UFO seen near airforce base in Florida

I shot this video two years ago from the front seat of my taxi in Tampa Florida near an airforce base. I believe I saw a UFO in the classic sense of not being able to indentify it immediatly. Perhaps it is natural in origin. Whatever it was maintained a high altitude and seemed to be moving in unison. The video currently has over 15,000 views on YouTube telling me many people are interested in things other then Bigfoot.
Since then I do keep an eye to the sky and always have a video camera with me.

New paranormal blog: Gaspar's Ghost

Check out whats going on at this new and exciting blog Gaspar's Ghost.

Are you afraid of ghost? Do you believe in UFO's? Does Bigfoot exist? Are there monsters in Florida's waters?

These topics are fully investigated by Tim Fasano on his new and exciting blog.

Don't be afraid. Come on over if you dare.