Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Did Timbergiantbigfoot get within feet of a Bigfoot?

A video yesterday was posted on YouTube in which joecam1968 analyzes a T.G.B.F. video when he is out with his kids and shows were Jim was very close to a Bigfoot. He describes it like this:

"Along with other viewers I had noticed something in Timbergiantbigfoot's video "Trip to The Bigfoot Avenue". In this shortened version, at the .51-.54 mark you can see what seems to be Bigfoot on the left side of the screen. And it is gone in the 1:21 section of this clip. What I find interesting is you can hear it walking away after he pans away around the .55 or so mark. Pause screen at listed times and see for yourself. Thanks..."

Jim has been in areas where large bears are at. The owner of my company is an avid hunter and has hunted all over North America. I showed him the Jim video of the deer covered by wood. He said Jim needs to get the hell out of there because they have seen that before. It has been attributed to Grizzly bear behavior. What is odd is they have seen this in areas where grizzly bears are not supposed to be. Very strange.


  1. I suggest you review this again. The object would have to be 20 feet tall or on the other side of the stream. If you will take note of where he is standing and consider it carefully, you will see the object first appears in :36-:37 on the right hand side. He then moves to his right (about 2 steps away and to the right of the :36 position) and then shoots toward the stream again, closer to this object but more directly over it. By 1:21, it is still there but to the far left of the screen because he has now moved approx. another 2 steps further to the right of the :36 position. Watch the whole video and take note of his movements.

  2. Whatever it is, there is one lying down next to what looks like a power pole that you can see after he films the water and moves camera to the right. The camera passes it at 31, and then moves back over it again. I think there is another one on the bank near him,, you can see the dark shape of an animal squatting down behind bushes on the left on the 19/20 mark, this is the one I think stands up and gets filmed at the 51 sec mark. I think you can see it moving at the 19/20 mark, but I can't say for sure due to the pee poor quality of his vids. And I don't think it's this thing that you hear walking away later on, it's his sons walking on the gravel road that you can hear. My opinion whether it is right or wrong.


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