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Estrogen in the nations water supply

Most water supplies are tainted wirh estrogen. This could be a natural result of modern agriculture and sewer treatment facilities. Cows produce the estrogen in their waste and birth control pills find their way into the sewer.
The result is a 400% increase in breast cancer and a drop in male success rates. This may be planned by the NWO as some suggest. Not sure but drink bottled water instead.

Is Alex Jones Bill Hicks!?

Alex Jones has always seemed not quite right to me. Not in that way, but his resume never added up for me. First, how could he have been born in 1974? He is only 39? He seems older then that. I read people have called the High School Jones claims to have gone to and the've never heard of him. Today, I found a plausible reason why. He may be the late comedian Bill Hicks.
The Atlanteanconspiracy blog had a very detailed article with comparison photos showing the Hicks and Jones side by side with a 100% match on face recognition. Wow! They were both from Austin and had a fascination with the Waco FBI raid on the Dividiancompound. Both filmed videos from the same place. Both are dark and irreverent in nature. Not really cuddly guys (I don't cuddle guys by the way).
I called Tom, a cab driver friend of mine and an expert on comedian's and pop culture and says the verdict is not in on this one. He's seen the photos and its close man, very close. He really wants to believe t…