Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New Satellite Views Of Gulf Oil Spill - Obama's Crude Awakening

I live in Tampa Florida and my business depends on tourist. There will be no tourist after this oil makes it way to the west coast of Florida. This satellite image shows the oil reaching the 'bend' of Florida. The currents should pull it south with major implications for the West Coast Of Florida.

The local newspapers are BEGGING Obama to do something. That is amazing beyond belief. Did he not criticize the Bush people for doing nothing for 6 days after a hurricane. It has now been over a month and all Janet Napolitano will say is 'We had boots on the ground from day one" That makes me feel so much better.

Obama has shown he is about as good at handling this crisis as he is at creating jobs. Great.

Congress held hearings to pass the blame while the oil was gushing out of the ground.

BP is making money off of the disbursements and trying to syphon oil off the surface. They have no real way of capping it and I am now calling for Obama to do something now.

PLEASE Mr. President we voted for you because you were supposed to be better than this. Please don't tell us that is George Bush that did this. Please, take the responsibility.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Washington BFRO in the field

The BFRO - Bigfoot Field Research Organization - has a YouTube website. They post videos of the some of their more famous field operatives as they look for the big guy we know as bigfoot. This is an example of some of the entertaining videos they put out shot in South Western Washington. This is an area I would love to go to and spend a week in field. The BFRO was founded by Matt Moneymaker and claims to be the only scientific oriented bigfoot group in America. Well, I know Squatch inc is not.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Jose Escamilla Fake UFOs Debunked

I cam across this on the Museum Of Hoaxes website and they show how Escamilla is simply colorizing lunar images to make the circle of the crater look like a spherical UFO. I pointed out in the previous post that I thought he was exploiting something he found by accident. This may be a little more deliberate. Check out this video that shows how it is done.

“Why should you care about this? Well, if you are a UFO advocate, these claims by the filmmaker only hurt the genuine sightings and the general public support of the possibility of extraterrestrials.”

Thursday, May 13, 2010

UFO Rods Jose Escamilla

Movie maker and guest on Coast To Coast am radio has been video taping what he calls 'rods' for over a decade. These are long streaks that move across the video screen. He believes they may be fast moving space ships or living organisms.

MY TAKE: They are distortions of light or insects flying close to the camera. He said he has adjusted the speed of the camera so the 'rods' show up. The infrared seems to be an LED light from a fixed point. The clouds move, but it does not. This may not be a hoax but he is surely exploiting something he accidentally stumbled into.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bigfoot Evidence: Real Proof Of Florida Bigfoot

This video presents my argument for the existence of the Florida Skunk Ape. I have found much evidence over the last year and the overnight expedition on March 5-7, 2010 yielded even more.

Until there is a body we wont' have conclusive proof. But this evidence shows me I am headed in the right direction down here in Florida.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Kecksburg UFO Incident

On December 9, 1965 something fell from the night sky in rural Pennsylvania about 40 miles from Pittsburgh. Eyewitnesses said the object appeared as a bright light in the sky and slowed down after making several maneuvers before it fell to Earth. A bright, illuminated light was seen rising into the air.

People (including local news media) who went to the impact area said they were prevented from getting close to the fallen object by armed military personal. It was reported that a large, cone shaped object was put on the back of a flatbed truck an hauled off by the military. Neither civilians or the news media could get near the object that fell.

A few people did make it to the area before the military arrived and said they saw a large cone shaped object that a man could stand up in.

Subsequent declassified documents stated that the military believed it was Soviet in origin or extraterrestrial. UFO investigator and the leading authority on this historical event Stan Gordon has produced an excellent DVD on this incident and his website account is here.

Myth and folklore has sprung up about the fact that a real UFO fell into the countryside of Pennsilvania and the military is covering up the evidence. The photo above was from the tv show Unsolved Mysteries in the late '80's.

MY TAKE: The United States Military does not tell us everything they are doing at all times. The description by witnesses is of a Mercury Space Capsule. 1965 was the era of the pre-Apollo launch rockets. I believe an experiment went wrong. It fell in the woods. They went out and retrieved it. Just that simple.

Monday, May 10, 2010

The Great Tunguska Explosion

On June 30, 1908 something exploded over Siberia with a force never before seen on earth, and perhaps, not since. Witnesses to the event said they say a pinpoint of light in the night sky get larger over a ten minute period before it exploded with such force a train conductor thought his train had been derailed from 800 miles away from the center of the explosion! The closest village of Nizhne-Karelinsk had roof damage on many homes and it was 200 miles away.

Whatever had exploded over Siberia had a shock wave that traversed the world twice. The weather on planet Earth was affected for the next year and Earth inhabitants were treated to glorious light shows at night. It was reported that you could even read the London Times at midnight without a lamp. Not since Krakatoa had the world seen anything such as this.

What is not commonly known, is that people of the world really did not know what the cause of this was. Russia was a very closed society and news of this explosion was not leaking out. It was not until the revolution that the full details emerged. In 1921 Russian scientist were doing work on meteorites and discovered the documents that they did not even know existed.

The photo on this post shows that the trees all fell in the same direction indicating a massive explosion. Many have speculated that this was an atomic bomb or a UFO and such.

MY TAKE: It could not have been a comet. They move way to slow. A meteor is more likely or a runaway asteroid. Events in the twentieth century have witnessed the impact on Jupiter of very large space debris proving that Earth could be vulnerable to such a thing.
No UFOs or secret atomic bombs would be needed. Our existence is very precarious.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Siege Of Ape Canyon

The siege of Ape Canyon was a seminal moment in bigfoot folklore. In 1924 a group of miners who were working near Mount St Helen's in Washington State settled into their cabin for the night after a hard and interesting day for the men. One of the miners, Fred Beck, said he had seen a large, hairy creature looking at him behind a tree. Another miner fired a shotgun at it, but it ran off.

That night, the men found themselves under siege. Large rocks were thrown at the roof of the cabin and the sides. The men were up all night trying to keep the doors from being pushed open by bracing it with furniture. Whatever was attacking them was determined in their efforts and ran off after sunrise. Before 1924 there had been no recorded attacks by a Sasquatch.

Here is a video of an old bigfoot documentary about the Ape Canyon attack. Good stuff!

MY TAKE: One of the problems people have about the bigfoot phenomena is they don't quite understand how big North America is. In fact, 45% of it is untamed wilderness with no real access other than by foot or horse. When you consider the number of eyewitness accounts there have been since 1924, combined with film, video, photos, footprints and trace physical evidence found, I have to conclude something is going on. I believe these men were attacked by something that night. Could it have been other miners? No. These were boulders being thrown at them, only hominids have hands and the strength to do that.

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