Roswell and Glenn Dennis claims of small, non human bodies.

Mortician Glenn Dennis of Roswell New Mexico
Glenn Dennis was a young mortician that worked for Ballard Funeral Homes in Roswell New Mexico. On the night of the UFO crash in 1947, he says he was asked by authorities about the availability of small, airtight caskets, to be used that night. Later, he claimed a nurse from the RAAFB hospital told him she had participated in a unsuccessful attempt to revive small, alien looking creatures. He has kept a napkin that she sketched the aliens on that night. She gave him the napkin and he took a sacred oath to never reveal this to anyone. He would later claim that she was killed in a plane crash in England.
A napkin from 50 years ago

The name he would later give for the nurse could never be verified. No such person was ever in the military. Supporters of Dennis claim he was mearly protecting the identity of the nurse because she may have been in fear of her life. Dennis's credibility has come under heavy attack over the years as there is just no way to cooberate his story. Anyway, I find it interesting that if that napkin is authentic, it could be one of the first descriptions of a Gray Alien. That by itself makes it something of historical interest.

I have come across many articles on the net and it is exhausting. The amount of research that has gone into this has taken decades to unfold. I just could not read everything that is out there about it. I do recommend at blogger and UFO investigator Kevin Randle and his article on Glenn Davis from a different Perspective. 


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