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Team Quantra, Ed Smith and MABRC exposed

A message from an ex MABRC member who dared question if Ed Smith were real:"I know so much about the MABRC, I know several ex-members. In fact, it was the nonsense of "Ed Smith" and the "O-6" that lead to the mass exodus (well, mass expulsion) from the MABRC.It basically started when Lee and Harrington (Driver Operator) approached Doug Bilby (Bullet Maker, then a member of the MABRC) about "Ed Smith" setting up an observation-command-center trailer in the feed plot that the MABRC had much success in. They ("Smith", through Harrington) were talking about making significant modifications to the feed plot and doing some kind of video show (for profit). Bilby wanted several assurances, including compensation for the loss of his hunting lease income; a clear contract for his part in the show; and most of all, to meet with the elusive "Ed Smith" before "Smith" and the "O-6" tore up his feed lot. According to Bilby, t…

A Bigfoot Pictue of Daisy?

This is coming from the Bigfoot Buster Blog

The key to all of this is going to be Randy Harrington, Doug Bilby, DW Lee and John Phillips. A complicated transaction occurred starting with a trail cam image that purports to show the Bigfoot in Oklahoma (It may even be the same one Team Quantra claims to have captured). It all begins with Randy Harrington and his defense of Ed Smith. Randy Harrington claims on his blog:
"Ed Smith is a real person. I have visited with Ed Smith, Had dinner with him. Got an in depth look into their operations down in Oklahoma. I did see some evidence that secured for me the fact that Ed was into something big. The limiting factor for most researchers to not be successful, is funding. Even the big money researchers like BFRO are woefully underfunded. Ed Smith and his group does not have that problem.

Randy Harrington on the Travel Channel last January Ed was the first to show us how to collect samples and document. First, you video the whole process,..…