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Team Quantra, Ed Smith and MABRC exposed

A message from an ex MABRC member who dared question if Ed Smith were real:

"I know so much about the MABRC, I know several ex-members. In fact, it was the nonsense of "Ed Smith" and the "O-6" that lead to the mass exodus (well, mass expulsion) from the MABRC.

It basically started when Lee and Harrington (Driver Operator) approached Doug Bilby (Bullet Maker, then a member of the MABRC) about "Ed Smith" setting up an observation-command-center trailer in the feed plot that the MABRC had much success in. They ("Smith", through Harrington) were talking about making significant modifications to the feed plot and doing some kind of video show (for profit). Bilby wanted several assurances, including compensation for the loss of his hunting lease income; a clear contract for his part in the show; and most of all, to meet with the elusive "Ed Smith" before "Smith" and the "O-6" tore up his feed lot. According to Bilby, the demand to meet "Ed Smith" sent Harrington berserk. Within a week,Bilby had been kicked out of the MABRC, and the imminent MABRC outing scheduled at his feed lot was relocated.

Other members of the MABRC began asking about what happened to Bullet Maker, and they were promptly banished as well.

Bilby first became involved with the MABRC when he showed Harrington and Lee a picture that had been taken by a trail camera, supposedly of a bigfoot's back side, with a baby bigfoot visible over the shoulder. I do not know if the picture can even be called a blobsquatch, but Harrington and Lee both professed it to be *the* evidence everyone had been waiting for. A Oklahoma fellow by the name of John Phillips, a friend of Bilby's, thought that Lee and Harrington were just placating Bilby to gain access to his feed lot. This caused a schism between Phillips and Bilby, which was later healed.

Phillips became a rather vocal critic of the MABRC after he saw them operating in the field. You might think of Moneymaker and Bobo at their most buffoonish,but with the MABRC, it was constant. There was also personal dislike of Lee and Harrington, mostly stemming from a very large amount of take on their part with very little give. There were also a lot of schemes that might be described as Biscardi-ish. For his criticism, Phillips was rather viciously pursued and slandered on-line by members of the MABRC. It was during this pursuit that Phillips began to notice that there was a rather large amount of coordination, to the point that it was difficult to distinguish the individuals slandering him. Due to slip-ups by Lee and Harrington, Phillips noticed that Lee had aliases, such as Tod T. Kaufman. Phillips also noticed that the SquatchAbyss blog was run by Lee.

Lee's attacks were so vicious, that they constituted libel per se, and after Lee and Harrington attacked Phillips's family, he decided to pursue civil action. During the discovery, it was found that Lee had hacked a back door through at least one computer system, and was using it to manage the SquatchAbyss blog, and that Lee and Harrington were using computers at their places of employment to mask their use of aliases on other forum sites (such as the BFF). It is now rather definitive that many of the "people" attacking Phillips and Bullet Maker were actually Lee and Harrington.

Things concerning Lee and Harrington get even worse. According to one source still a "trusted" member of the MABRC, Harrington bragged about committing the arson at the Honobia Conference site in one of the secret areas (a chat room) of the MABRC forum. Lee and Harrington talked about disrupting Honobia, and may have been responsible for a big-arse cherry bomb down the toilets and a wide-area power outage as well (Lee works for the power utility). They were seen trespassing into a private gathering of natives. Apparently, the bigfoots started making a ruckus when Lee and Harrington tried to sneak in.

I have also had a brief encounter with Lee that backed up the things I have heard from ex-MABRC members. After responding to one of Lee's propaganda posts on the BFF, Lee PM'd me. He was making some claims concerning Bilby being untrustworthy, and told me that he had E-mails to back up how Bilby called off the thing with "Ed Smith". I believe in put-up or shut-up, so I asked Lee to send me those E-mails, with their headers (something Lee should know how to do). Lee shut-up.

I think Stan Courtney has also had some unfavorable experiences with Lee"

Friday, January 4, 2013

A Bigfoot Pictue of Daisy?

This is coming from the Bigfoot Buster Blog

The key to all of this is going to be Randy Harrington, Doug Bilby, DW Lee and John Phillips. A complicated transaction occurred starting with a trail cam image that purports to show the Bigfoot in Oklahoma (It may even be the same one Team Quantra claims to have captured). It all begins with Randy Harrington and his defense of Ed Smith.
Randy Harrington claims on his blog:
"Ed Smith is a real person. I have visited with Ed Smith, Had dinner with him. Got an in depth look into their operations down in Oklahoma. I did see some evidence that secured for me the fact that Ed was into something big. The limiting factor for most researchers to not be successful, is funding. Even the big money researchers like BFRO are woefully underfunded. Ed Smith and his group does not have that problem.
Randy Harrington on the Travel Channel last January
Ed was the first to show us how to collect samples and document. First, you video the whole process,..." STOP PLEASE. You are the experienced Bigfoot guy and a newcomer has to show you this.
ENOUGH of this: the whole process of introducing Ed Smith to the MABRC forums and using a plant on a few radio shows has been carefully orchestrated for a team Quantra major event. The key to all of this is Doug Bilby (Bullet Maker). Let me explain.
Doug Bilby was going to lease private land he owned to MABRC for the set up of the O-6 operation. All was set to go when Bilby wanted to meet the elusive "Ed Smith" himself. Considering the potential to mess up his property was real, Bilby wanted personal assurances. I hear Harrington went berserk. The deal fell through when MABRC refused, or could not, produce "Ed Smith." Strange indeed.
There are many ex-MABRCmembers as a result of this episode. Just ask them, they are legion. A Sikhism was the result of the above event and all who questioned why the deal fell through were expelled from MABRC.
Is there a reason the only two people in Bigfoot that have seen "Ed Smith" are DW Lee and Randy Harrington? Just asking.
What got MABRC excited about that part of Oklahoma was a trail cam image taken by Bilby and John Phillips. The photo was taken with a film based game camerawith a visable flash. I believe they were using film because of the belief of many in Bigfoot that the thermal output warns Bigfoot of the presence of the device. That  is an urban myth. I hold strong with the Olympic Project that  All motion detectors used in game cameras are passive devices that observe and respond to changes in the thermal scene.  The only time a game camera emits anything is when the flash goes off to take the picture. In the case of Reconyx devices, there is no flash.
Anyway, Phillips - Bilby got this fantastic image that has been analyzed to death. The EXTRA LARGE version of it is on Stan Courtney's blog at this link

The Bigfoot can be seen almost dead center. It seems to be a mother carrying a baby over her shoulder. Could it be Daisy? You can read what experts in photo analysis say about this image.
 John Phillips confided with Bilby and later left the MABRC when he noticed lack research procedures on their part. The deal fell through and MABRC could not just let this go. After all, they would have no land to work on and nobody knows where the land they claim to have gone to is located. Poor Phillips. It seems in the Bigfoot world people will always come after you on a personal level.
I was told DW Lee started a blog called "Sasquatch Abyss" for the only reason of blasting Phillips. He called Phillips "an old man in a wheel-chair." He called his daughter a "dike." On and on it went and the only entries are about John Phillips. All Phillips wanted to do was get a good trail cam image but he gets slandered.
The point of this is not hard to follow. If Team Quantra had gotton their land and were on the way to success, why the need to look back and hold grudges? Its obvious to me, with some deduction, the project never went off. There is no Tema Quantra. However, there may be a Daisy. Look at the photo.
I know about this personally. I know of at least three blogs that do nothing but slander me. The only posting are about me. Don't flatter yourselves folks. I am just a cab driver digging into these things, unlike the guy from Maryland that cuts and paste his way to blogger fame while slamming me and we have never spoken. That's rich.
I have just started digging into this but I work ten hours a day, seventy hours a week. I just don't have much time. I am trying to come to an understanding of all of this by doing work that should be done by others. Its all out there, it just has to be put together.
Team Quantra is not real. Daisy may be, however. Look at that photo.

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