About Me

Me on a Bigfoot hunt deploying trail cameras
My name is Tim Fasano and I have always been interested in the paranormal. I am not a troll keyboard cowboy; I am a real field researcher on all things paranorma. I am best known as a Bigfoot guy. However, I have recently branched out into UFO's and ghost. I have two popular videos on my YouTube that are about Lake Monsters and UFO sightings. I know these are popular topics.

I do show what others are doing and often give my opinion about the paranormal world. I am not afraid to put my name on it. I have always been that way.

This blog is still in the begining stages. I have experimented with many different formats but this one seems to be the best one so far. The potential is unlimited as far as topics go. No problem, people are interested in more things then just Bigfoot.

Me in a the oldest graveyard in Tampa
I Tampa (where I live) there is a rich tradition of ghost hunting going back to the civil war. You are going to get a lot of that stuff for we are increasing our investigations in that area.

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