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The Truth - Why NASA Has Never Returned To The Moon

I have never been one that thought we never went to the moon and that it was all a hoax. As a little kid in Florida I saw the massive Saturn 1V's launch. They were so big and powerful there was no doubt they could make it to the moon, and then some. We went to the moon folks. There is no doubt about that.

What there is doubt about is what they discovered when they where there. What is of particular interest is the discoveries made on the dark side of the moon. That is the side that we never see because one side faces us at all times.

NASA images show that on the dark side of the moon Apollo astronauts photographed interesting structures that now can be determined to be man made. That may have not been apparent at the time, but it is now considered to be a fact among UFO researchers on the lunar landing.

The image above looks like a foundation to a structure that was not caused by wind or erosion (there would be none on the moon). This could be what is left of an ancient alien buil…

Giant UFO Video Over Fukushima Nuclear Plant Is A Fake

I have software that can a better job then this. It looks more like a brush functions on Photoshop then a spacecraft UFO from outer space hovering over the Fukushima nuclear power plant. Was this before or after the disaster? The German YouTube poster is the only one that has this video, right! I was on top of this story when it first broke the day after the 8.1 Earthquake and tsunami. I really want to believe this is real, but too easy to fake. That is just my opinion.

It could be a helicopter or a blimp or something the Japanese government sent in un-maned to try and get a good visual or take scientific readings. I don't think so. This is a computer generated hoax.

The Mayan Long Count Prophecy

A growing number of people today are hearing about the Mayan 2012 End Time Prophecy, but are unclear exactly what that means. Prophets of Doom have come and gone throughout the ages, as well as, the end times they predicted. The Mayan prophecy was calculated in mathematics not simply spiritism.

Prior to the last century little was known of the Mayan. The mysteries of a great civilization that reached its peak over one thousand years ago have only been understood in modern times. The greatest mystery was the Long Count calendar. The long count of its last great cycle began on August 13, 3114 B.C. and will end on the winter solstice of 2012. Historians now know that the Mayan were brilliant mathematicians who made incredibly accurate astronomical measurements, even being able to predict eclipses, and the movement of planets.

Could they have known that these natural cycles would end based on their measurements? Could the long count calendar have predicted that the modern world would be …

Chemtrail Classic "X" Pattern

I have noticed this before when you have a crossing pattern between contrails. Why would airplanes by flying in this pattern over a major metropolitan area? The chemtrails were fresh with lots of plumage. The theory that makes the most sense to me is that they are depositing aluminum to reflect sunlight and radiation to offset the effects of global climate change. They may have done to much because the weather in North America hs not been normal with snow now for several months.