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The Mind Of A Chess Grandmaster

The weapons of conquest are not just bullets, bombs or missiles. There are weapons of even more power and potential to destroy. There are weapons such as hate, greed, envy, fatigue and fear found only in the minds of men. Just for the record, the downside of mans emotions can erode and kill his spirit. It will cloud his judgment, and he may resign in chess (0r life) with a drawn or won position because his emotions overran him. All that is noble about his conquest is now gone. The human race must always 'check' itself not only on the chess board, but in life itself.

The human mind is a wonderful thing. Evolutionary processes have given man the ability to create. He is able to furnish his world with unimaginable inventions that aid and make our lives better. He does face a formidable opponent, however. Himself.

Man can use his mind to march onward for many more millennium, or we can cease to exist, and who would care?

The game of chess demonstrates man's ability to use pur…