David Paulites responds to Ketchum Project critic

This was First published in July 2011. The only thing that has changed is a possible hoax has been committed. The Bigfoot world seems to be full of it. Nobody seems to want to take a stand. There is NO PROBLEM in calling me a hoaxer and a fat liar. But how dare someone challenge the Ketchum Project.
We need more then just a post on Shaun's blog with a "For Sale" sign out front. Is that the final word on Bigfoot research? Bigfoot is "For Sale." How appropriate. It cannot just be left at that. ALL who bought into it should, and will, have their credibility called into question. The same rules that applied to Tom Biscardi should be invoked here. Its one thing to believe but these people promoted and chastised all who dissented. They should be called out. There are investigators who are in this field - Get investigating.

The video after this was one I did 18 months ago. EVERYTHING I SAID on it has been proven correct. Yet, they continue to say I don't know what I am talking about. I don't put a "For Sale" sign on my YouTube channel. My videos ride for years and there are damn near 900 of them. NOT ONE DAMN ONE OF THEM IS A FAKE. Got it.

NOTE: at the time the study was being funded by Adrien Erickson. Hence, his name was used.
The David Paulites response is below:
Dr. Melba Ketchum

"The Erickson Project has been operating in secrecy since 2005.  They said they were gathering DNA samples from Bigfoot tissue found across North America and this study was going to be the most comprehensive ever undertaken. It was going to settle the issue of the existence of a North American Sasquatch once and for all. Everything was leading up to a published paper in a scientific journal that would allow other scientist to examine their work and see if they could duplicate results and at least comment on the methods used in this study. There will also be the release of a documentary that will have video images clearly showing the sasquatch. Sounds great right? Sadly, something does not seem right about all of this. Lets take a look at what we know and what may be unlikely.

All of the samples are being studied by Dr. Melba Ketchum and DNA Diagnostics.  We are given no time frame in how long this will take or exactly where the samples were coming from, only from 'collection fields.' Then, the Olympic Project website announces they are also sending samples to Melba Ketchum (The Olympic Project is a deep field operation deploying trail cams to capture an image of Bigfoot). Could this be where the Erickson Project is getting the samples from? We heard that the samples are coming from two dead Bigfoots in a freezer. The founder of the Olympic Project, Derek Randles had to come out and clarify that statement, and said that the DNA was from 'tissue' found on the ground one week after a 'bear hunter' shot a Bigfoot dead on the Nevada border after being attacked by them. Randles is as honest a researcher as the day is long. He was not there when the shooting occurred. He is only taking the guys work for it. I believe he is being taken in by someone who is using him to establish credibility for something that will eventually turn out to be hoax. There simply is too much secrecy in this matter. None of this sounds believable. 

We then learn Ketchum's  diagnostics laboratory has been given an F rating from the Better Business Bureau of Texas because of many complaints on incomplete and shoddy work and work never being returned. We then hear that Nuclear and Mitochondrial DNA has been isolated from the samples and one is non-human and the other is human. Mitochondrial DNA can only be passed on by the mother (reason non of Secretariat's offspring ran fast). Is this a claim of co-habitation between Sasquatch and feral humans? If they did find human DNA was there a homicide? Should law enforcement be involved? Why all the secrecy?

Everyone associated with the Erickson Project has an NDA agreement. Why? It allows them too leak stuff without anyone being able to comment. I know for a fact they have samples from several sources and have collected none on their own. Most of the samples come from some really good people who they will try to smear to deflect the blame from them. 

These 'leaks' have become public just as the trailer for their documentary has come out that is slick enough with the usual cryptizoid style that makes you know only recreations will be the highlight of the film. We have all seen this junk before (just watch Finding Bigfoot). I smell a hoax in the making here that is going to make the scientific community want nothing to do with this bogus stuff. We don't need samples of dubious origin - we need real proof that the field guys are trying to get if the community themselves with just get off their backs and try to help them.
DAVID PAULIDES RESPONSE (from a blog post I have in archive 7-14-11):

"As the Executive Director of the group that started the Bigfoot DNA Project and the person who represents the group with the most specimens submitted, I can guarantee for an absolute fact 95% of what Mr. Fasano states is complete fabrication (He did get the names spelled correctly in his narrative). He has never spoken to anyone associated with our study, he has never submitted a specimen and has no idea the results of our testing. How this man can attack a credible study like this is absolutely mind-boggling. It is true that the Olympic Project did supply one tissue specimen and many, many other credible specimens that they did collect.

The leader of the Olympic Project, Derek Randles has addressed this point multiple times and he will gladly answer the same questions again, I’d refer to Derek on all issues regarding their specimens. Mr. Fasano, you claim the tissue sample is a hoax, have you seen the DNA report on it? Do you know who did the testing on this sample? Right, then how can you make a 1000’ leap to claim that any sample is a hoax when you haven’t been privy to any results?

I think that Mr. Fasano needs to conduct more research on the background of our study.

First, Dr. Ketchum’s science has never been questioned, ever. Early in our organization of this effort we knew that a very few researchers that didn’t take part in our study, believers in the ape theory, researchers that were jealous and unable to find viable specimens on their own and general people in the community that live off bashing/hating others would be overly critical at the earliest opportunity. Dr. Ketchum and our entire team knew this would happen and expected responses such as this would start to creep into the community.

The bigfoot samples were initially screened by a hair and fiber expert when they arrived at DNA Diagnostics. Once the expert validated the sample, they went back to Dr. Ketchum’s lab where they were itemized, logged, photographed and then sent to a variety of other labs for testing. No, Dr. Ketchum didn’t conduct all of the testing on the majority of specimens, independent labs came to the same conclusions of the samples on their own. All pundits please re-read the last sentence, independent labs worked the samples and did the genetic testing and came to the same independent conclusions, is that clear enough? Nobody in my organization has had any relationship or communication with anyone associated with the Erickson effort.

Why Fasano would bulk a movie effort into a three year science study is beyond my logic. The study has over 100 specimens from dozens of independent people and research groups. The idea that Mr. Fasano can unilaterally make a statement that the study is a hoax is beyond the realm of basic logic. Mr. Fasano, you were a friend of mine on Facebook, you saw my writings about this topic, why not contact me and allow us to discuss your concerns? Why would you publicly try to humiliate people you’ve never met or communicated? You and I have never spoken or communicated in any way, why fall into a realm of hate that does nobody, including your own research effort any good whatsoever?

I’m personally and professionally sorry that my clarifying updates have to continue. It would appear that certain elements of our community continue to be destined to destroy the good faith efforts of some in an apparent effort to gain their 15 minutes of fame, or to continue to propagandize their own hypothesis. Thanks to everyone who has continued to take a “wait and see” approach to this issue, that is all we are asking. Sally Ramey wrote a great article (Facebook) about the formation of a scientific white paper and why there is an absolute need for NDA’s for all involved and the rationale for the extensive time these studies do take. Thanks for your patience. David Paulides www.nabigfootsearch.com"


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