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Enigmatic Anomalies TV premier episode

Terri Linge (assistant Florida director for MUFON) will host the first Enigmatic Anomalies TV show on September 22, 2013 on channel 38 Tampa Florida. Kevin Thomas Kehl has worked hard on this project for the last two years and I am overjoyed.Kevin contacted me two years ago about producing a TV show that dealt with paranormal themes. He interviewed me on camera for tape to be used on the eventual Bigfoot episode. After that, we became full-time research partners. Kevin shot video the entire time.It took a while but he finally got it on TV with the beautiful and talented Terri hosting the show.We will be in the Green Swamp in October which will be the focal point of the eventual Skunk Ape show. There will be many UFO shows, ghost, Bigfoot, strange phenomenon and more

Sharon Hill mocks Bigfoot people

She does not get out in the woods and cannot possibly understand what bigfooters experience. Sharon Hill mocks people who make money off of Bigfoot while she rakes it in on the skeptic angle (different side of the coin). Its all show business according to Hill. I guess we need each other to survive. Stop caring so much for something you have so little faith in. We may be searching for something that transcends science, a concept your closed mind could never wrap around. This is what she wrote in the Huffington Post: " Bigfootery these days is extremely unscientific, resembling a religion in more ways than one. There are the priests and the saints (the TV Squatchers, the authors, and few scientists and advocates who promote the cause), there are relics (footprints, hair samples, etc), there is cryptozoological canon (the Patterson-Gimlin film, certain books by experts now deceased) but most of all there are followers with faith. Bigfooters have experiences that they attribute by …

Bigfoot hair sample found six feet in a tree

Maybe we should submit this to the Ketchum DNA Bigfoot study. Kevin is six foot three and found hair on a tree at his eye level. This was found a few weeks ago in the Green Swamp. He does not know what it is and everyone he shows it to says it is hair. These are the things we look for when deciding to deploy a game cam.
We are keeping evidence and perhaps one day we will release our findings.

Nancy Pelosi shameless Syrian pimp

It was just reported that Nancy Pelosi shamelessly used an alleged conversation she had with her 5 year-old grandson to justify her support of military intervention in Syria. She explained to her purportedly inquisitive grandson that she is for war with Syria, but not in Syria, as they’ve killed hundreds of children there. To Nancy Pelosi and everyone else who has the vile audacity to use children as the acceptable mantra of intervention, I say take a long and hard look at the picture of this little girl chained to a fence by those with whom you and your ilk have allied. It is the heartbreaking image of a toddler living in Eastern Syria, mercilessly shackled to a fence by the very people you support, the very savages you’ve armed, and the very people you consider acceptable to achieve your goal of reshaping the power structure in the Middle East for a seat at the globalists’ table. It was done in our name, using our tax dollars, with your approval but not our consent. http://www.home…

UFO obsering Syria Civil War?

If this YouTube video is accurate, aliens may be very concerned about Syria and what man may do to himself, the foolish humans. The photo below seems to show something unidentified flying near a trouble zone in Syria.

Bigfoot sighting Ocala National Forest

OBSERVED: I was out trail riding in a remote part of the Ocala National Forest when I became stuck in a mud hole. I was out there for several hours waiting for someone to come pull me out. What got my attention first was the sound of someone hitting something against a tree which striked me as odd considering where I was at and I didn't hear any other vehicles prior to the knock so I proceeded to approach the sounds after walking about 300 yards away from my vehicle I saw what I thought was a huge man in a ghillie suit striking a pine tree with a large stick as I got closer I realized it was not a man but a huge creature that I will never forget as long as I live. It had a huge chest probably 60in. across and though it was in a slumped standing position it had to be 8 feet tall with long muscular arms and long chest and mid section like its legs were shorter than chest area. As I was trying slowly to back away to get back to my truck I stepped on a stick and it immediately turned …