Red Bull and NASA

Does Red Bull have a better space program then NASA? The answer may be yes. The simple answer to the question is all about efficiency.
When Felix Baumgartner made his historic leap from the edge of space, he was working for a private corporation. That's the key
Companies are more efficient then governments. This idea has been advanced in recent years about the U.S. government offering prize money for private ventures to put men in space. Virgin Galactic was formed to launch future missions.
Companies hire engineers and scientist that have a budget and a time goal, unlike governments. They also make technological breakthroughs that advance science.
This clearly could be how this is done in the future. NASA has not returned to the moon and I think its more then budget reasons. If private companies Go to the moon and find evidence of alien structures on the moon, then, we might get disclosure. 
Star fleet may indeed be a private venture.


  1. Jumping from space when NASA could not took big ones.


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