Friday, October 14, 2011

A Major 'skunk ape' expedition is set for November in Florida

A group of experienced "skunk ape" researchers will be in south Florida next month. We will be looking for the unique animal related to Bigfoot. This is the time of year they begin their migratory movements to the south. A team will also be in Ocala National Forest the last week of October to find them when they begin their movements.

This is the most exciting time of year in Florida to be doing research. The weather is turning cool and things are starting to happen. I been waiting, and planing for months, for this. I can't believe it is really time.

To avoid 'gate crashers' and interlopers, we will not revival the exact location until you meet with us at the planed drop spot. It is then when you will find out the plan, and the area. We will then move as a team to the work area. Anyone who cannot follow these rules should not consider being part of this.

There are people in Florida who want us to fail and are trying everything they can to stop us from getting permits to go into certain areas. This is very sad, indeed.

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