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Florida Skunk Ape researcher cast in new TB show Enigmatic Anomalies

I will be filming an interview for a new TV show called Enigmatic Anomalies. They will deal with various topics of the Paranormal. I was contacted by them a few weeks ago and have spoken with them on the phone. They have a studio in Tampa about a few blocks from my house.

These guys are Bigfoot field researchers and have gone on many expeditions. Since they have been watching my videos on YouTube, they have narrowed their focus to the areas I go into. These areas are often infested with alligators and warnings are posted at the trail heads.

I hope to form an overnight camping using much of their high-tech gear. They have some good stuff. With the weather in Florida now getting cooler, it would be the perfect time to do this.

They have a Facebook page and a website both called Enigmatic Anomalies.

I am very excited about this because this may become a big deal. If not, I should get some great video to use on my site. They have agreed to let me use videos and photos and such.

Keven is …

Erickson DNA project paper rejected leaving it in a shambles

The paper submitted by Melba Ketchum on Bigfoot DNA study has been rejected out of hand. It has not just been handed back, it has been rejected. I have it from two unrelated sources in the Bigfoot world that the cornerstone of the Erickson project has crashed in flames.

No scientific journal would even begin to entertain a concept that has been worked backwards. That is "ad-hoc_ science". That is when you state the conclusion up front and then fill in the blanks. The project was never even a theory or an hypothesis; it was stated as a fact up front. They went straight too conclusion and only looked for evidence that would support their theory.

That is what is behind all conspiracy theories. UFO's, ghost, JFK, NWO, global warming and so forth. People only want to believe, and only look for evidence to support that. Unfortunately, that has happened in the Bigfoot world.

A good scientist will do everything they can to falsify their own logical process. That way, the integr…

I'm Back from a three day/night Skunk Ape Expedition

I am back from three days and nights in the Green Swamp of central Florida. It has been fun, and an experience I will never forget. The opportunity to camp out 'deep field' miles from civilization. was something I have been dreaming about for months as Florida was in the grip of extreme heat. Now, the weather is better and I took advantage of that.

The camp area I had was on the bank of a river leaving its watershed. I was the only one out there, and when the sun went down, things started to happen. There was activity across the river in the 'skunk ape zone'. This is the area that is now closed to the public because of a death that took place years ago. The death was never explained. It is still a mystery.

The video below will give you an idea of the visuals and the sounds I encountered in this historical expedition in the Green Swamp. I am back and very tired with tons of videos to post up in the coming days.