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An Old Cigar Factory in Tampa may be haunted

UFO Digest posted an article today about the old cigar factory in Tampa Florida where Enigmatic Anomalies has their offices and studio. Considering the history of the building, and the fact that a paranormal investigation and production company has their studio here, that would be a good thing. Where they reading our minds and posted it on the day they would interview Tim Fasano in studio? Strange things are going on.

A. Santaella & Co. Cigar Factory sits on Armenia ave in the old West Tampa area. This part of Tampa was the neighborhood to generations of immigrant workers in the cigar factories of Tampa. They rolled the cigars by hand. It was a labor intensive business that employed thousands who made the finest cigars in the world. Many visiting celebrities, such as Babe Ruth, would come to the A. Santaella & Co. Cigar Factory to buy their cigars.
The building was closed for decades after Fidel Castro took power and the tobacco was no longer imported to Tampa. Many people we…