A Bigfoot Spotted In North Carolina And Captured On Film

Thomas Byers of Rutherford County North Carolina got four seconds of cell phone video of a large hairy object crossing a country road. A still shows an upright walking creature. I don't know about this one. This thing does not look thick enough to be a Bigfoot.

We’ve heard this story before. People have been talking about Bigfoot since the 1850’s. They started seeing it a whole lot more after an article in December 1959’s True magazine. The most famous Sasquatch sighting of all was caught on 16mm celluloid shot in northern California back in 1967. A few years ago, the owner of Charlotte’s Morris Costume claimed he sold a gorilla suit to the man who made the filmstrip.  wcnc.com
My only hope is to get a very clear video of the Bigfoot. That is why I have now spent years in the woods looking for this animal. I still believe I will find the Florida Skunk Ape. 

Here is the North Carolina Bigfoot video...All Five seconds of 

The local media was aware of Mike Green of BFRO, who lives in the area, and contacted him for his opinion.  It seems Rutherford County North Carolina is close to Cleveland County were the famous Knobby Bigfoot has been seen and caused a sensation two years ago when it was also captured on video. I would like to know what Green's opinion was on this for he also recored a night video using a thermal camera in North Carolina. Are the Carolinas the new 'ground zero' for Bigfoot research?


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