Vampire on interstate 275

121108053150_Howard%20and%20Armenia%20Exit%20on%20275Around four this morning I was headed for the Westshore exit on I 275. The interstate is under construction which is not unusual. After all, Tampa is an old indian word for "roads under construction." They say the repairs are needed but blocking ramps on different days can throw you off and you may even miss an exit because you did not know it was blocked. Driving at night makes this even more precarious.
As I was about to hit the exit, I saw a figure running across the highway and stop at the concrete barricade on the opposite side of the road. I slowed down and pulled on what was left of the shoulder. A women in a low slung dress and barefoot was standing there out of breath and freaking out. I asked her what was wrong, and if she was all right.
"No!" She said.
Her, and some guy she just met, had run out of gas near the exit and he walked off to get gas at a nearby station. What she now told me you could safely put in the weird category. She was standing outside the car smoking a cig, she looked around and saw a women standing on the embankment where the construction was at. She said the women had just appeared out of nowhere, and looked like a ghost. What was really creeping her out was she said it looked like her former boyfriends ex. This shit was getting a little too complicated for gets better.
She says the chicks name is Rachel and has a red streak in her dark hair on the left side. The women she saw had the same red stripe. Hum? That's not really freaky these days but something about that color pattern seems familiar.
"Could it have been your imagination?" I ask. "I mean standing on the side of the road does things to peoples minds."
I believe she was calming down and I offered to take her to find the dude with the gas can. We did and he was down at Westshore and B street at the Shell (the store just happens to be owned by a real asshole). We picked him up and head back to the car on the south side of the road. As she relates the story to him, I can see him smile in the mirror and she is getting back to normal, I guess.
They put the gas in the car and I look around. Nobody is there, only concrete pipes and construction equipment down below. I can't even see how anybody can get back down there anyway.
As I'm driving away, something hits me. I know Rachel. She was the chick that beat me for a $32 fare once and on the ride told me she was some kind of vampire. Groovy. Keep in mind, there is a heavy goth presence in Tampa and many of them go to the Castle night club in Ybor City and mingle with the freaks. Being a Vampire in goth circles mean you feed off others energy. They do try not to suck you dry, so to speak. This chick, however, thought she was a real vampire. Strange. Blood sucker or not, I want my 32 bucks. The night she rode with me she got out to go inside to get the money. I looked away for a split second and she was gone. It was dark and she could have run around the house.
This morning I pulled along the interstate from a side street and went up the embankmentand looked around. After all, I do find Sasquatch stuff in the woods so evidence of someone being back here should be easy stuff. What I found I was not prepared for. There were no footprints but a pattern carved on the ground. It looked like a star or something. I took a picture. Now this is starting to freak me out.
I gave the girl my cell phone number because she said she uses lots of cabs. I hope she calls me. I now have some questions for her.


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