Richard C. Hoagland Warns Gulf Coast Residents

Richard C. Hoagland a former NASA physicist was a guest on the late night radio show Coast To Coast AM on the night July 4th, 2010. He believed the occasion of Independence Day was ironic because the Obama Administration is withholding information about the potential for a gigantic catastrophe along the Gulf Coast of the United States because of methane gas. This would be violating our civil rights.

Hoagland believes a massive bulge of methane gas is building up under the Gulf of Mexico. If it were to explode, the molecular structure of water would be altered and ships would 'sink like rocks.' The result would of course be a tsunami that would drown all life that lives along the Gulf up to two miles inland. He believes that explains why the Obama administration is not filling the Gulf up with ships because he is trying to minimize the potential loss of life.

Unfortunately, it would be impossible to predict this event without the mud logs a graphical representation of the ROP (Rate Of Penetration), lithology, hydrocarbons and other drilling parameters generated while drilling an oil well. which only BP has and it is not available to outside scientist. He called out for Louisiana native and TV pundit James Carville to go onto CNN and FOX and demand that BP make this information public. He also advised that anyone living in the Gulf region to get out. He says the air in the region is being contaminated with methane which is like 'a bomb' and if you stay - get a gasmask or "otherwise, you gotta move, you gotta leave, you can't keep breathing this air."


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