Rainwater Across America Contaminated With Radiation Linked To Japan

A radiation detection device
Low levels of radioactive iodine have been detected in Florida believed to be from the Japanese Fukushfima power plant. It is currently raining in Florida (where I live) and this news is unsettling.

There is no threat at this time to public safety said Progress Energy spokesman Drew Elliot. Monitors at the Crystal River plant have detected the Iodine - 131. Scientist said there would be other types of radiation then just Iodine if the nuclear plant in Florida was leaking.

Other nuclear stations throughout the East Coast have started detecting the low level radiation as well. The Safety and environmental agency says it poses no threat.

The air and water is my main concern. How long does radiation hang around?
Trace amounts of radiation are being detected in California, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and the Carolina's.

If this gets worse, I really don't know what you can do to protect yourself. In Japan they say to stay indoors. Does that mean without air conditioning? What about the water? No need to panic yet, but just stay on the alert... Article compiled from DailyMail.UK


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