Alien signals and chemtrails

This meteorologist blows the lid on the Alien Chemtrail connection. More people should be talking about this.


  1. Ufos are doing the chemtrails l no this sounds far than mad but l used my binoculers and saw a black plane but it didnt look real it was 4 feet above the chemtrail and just behind the l think hologram was a round object with two small round objects with arched shaped arms joining the two small round objects two the big ball in the middle and this thing was not normal it seemed to be beaming a airoplane shape infront of it see it was far to clean cut to be moveing together see l see it something big is going on they are useing the help of ufos with these chemtrails or the aliens are doing this for some reson l dont no ....

    All the best .... matthew


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