Giant Anacondas Lurk Near The Amazon River

In beast hunting lore nothing is more alluring than the Amazon River and environs. Spectacular expeditions were launched in the 19th century long before cable news and the Internet. The Yeti, Sasquatch, the Chubacabra have not been proven to exist, but giant snakes are real. All the early explorers had tales of giant snake encounters. The British explorer Percy Fawcett claimed to have shot a 62 foot anaconda in 1907. Teddy Roosevelt in his famous journey down the river of doubt, claimed to have measured a 38 foot snake "in the flesh." Those were the pioneers as pulp magazines chronicled their adventures. We do know that anacondas are real and they often reach massive size. The python in Florida, with a large water supply and food, is growing to unseen sizes as well.

Today's large snake hunters are armatures who often do these expeditions on their vacations. This is what Loren Coleman, founder of The International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland Maine calls "Cryptotourism." You can find on the Internet many organizations that for a fee can take you exotic locations to look for mythical beast. One group is the Bigfoot Field Research Organization known as BFRO. They offer weekend expeditions which are guided in most States in the Union. It is understood that most people are believers but are looking for a good reason to experience the great outdoors. Camping out along the Amazon River where giant Anacondas and ground Sloths can get you  may not be for everyone. But these adventures of the past can be experienced by the everyman if is willing to explore.


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