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The Mayan Long Count Prophecy

An Ancient Mayan Observatory 
A growing number of people today are hearing about the Mayan 2012 End Time Prophecy, but are unclear exactly what that means. Prophets of Doom have come and gone throughout the ages, as well as, the end times they predicted. The Mayan prophecy was calculated in mathematics not simply spiritism.

Prior to the last century little was known of the Mayan. The mysteries of a great civilization that reached its peak over one thousand years ago have only been understood in modern times. The greatest mystery was the Long Count calendar. The long count of its last great cycle began on August 13, 3114 B.C. and will end on the winter solstice of 2012. Historians now know that the Mayan were brilliant mathematicians who made incredibly accurate astronomical measurements, even being able to predict eclipses, and the movement of planets.

Could they have known that these natural cycles would end based on their measurements? Could the long count calendar have predicted that the modern world would be facing apocalypse or an eternal return and restoration of the spirit path of man away from the modern trappings of life?

The Mayan seemed to be driven to understand their place in the universe in a way that transcended faith. They recorded everything into mathematical symbols. Their priests were astronomers who traced the movements of Venus, Mars, the moon and even the Milky Way itself. They also chronicled important events in their people’s lives such as berths, deaths, tragic events and so on.

The Long Count calendar was created to make sense of all this. The calendar could show them when certain eras began and ended and place the real time events of Earth and the heavens into a form of absolute time. They could then conclude when certain gods had the most influence over them.

The planets to the Maya were the living Gods themselves. These were the very forces that decided the fate of man and it was their movements where their intentions could be discerned. This tracking of the planets allowed making highly sophisticated and complex predictions of future events.

The long count calendar will end on December 21, 2012. That is the end of the Fifth Age, the culmination of all cycles, and the date when the gods would harvest humanity.

Apparently the Maya met with a swift and sudden decline. It happened so fast they could not even record their own demise. Archeologists today are still baffled. Their great cities seemed to have been suddenly abandoned with no record left behind as to why. Where they the victims of disease, drought or famine? All we know is their world was swallowed by the thick jungle and hidden for thousand years before modern man found the vast cities they left behind.


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