The Start Of Change And The End Of Hope....The Day After Obama

I bet he could use a cig
The world is in an Apocalypse. In 2012 America will have a Presidential election and we will not be choosing between political parties and personalities, but the start of changes and the end of hope, between a future and a new era of hard times.If the world is still here in 2012, as the Nuclear plants in Japan meltdown, what will happen to Obama?

He is the man that has stood still in the face of multiple world crisis. Joe Biden said Obama would be tested early in his administration. He is being tested. A man that said he would evoke change has only resided over deepening stagnation and social and political anarchy.

Obama was ill prepared for the task compacted by his own limitations and massive obstacles  Obama's change will bring a reset of how we define modernity. Sorry folks, this all looks very grim.

Martin Luther King said that the long arc of history is cruel, but leads to compassion. Events in North Africa would conflict with that idea with a paucity of moral leadership. We are now seeing what a world without American leadership looks like, and its more cruel than compassionate. I really hope we make it. I have lived a long life and accomplished much, but I would still like to fall in love one more time.


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