Japan Nuclear Meltdown Confirmed By Experts

It seems to be a fact that has been confirmed that the fukushima nuclear power plant is in meltdown. Sorry to report this, but a nuclear meltdown is occurring right now in Japan. The lose of life may go beyond what the United States did to them when we dropped two atomic bombs on them in 1945. This is grim. There are no other words for what may be the biggest human disaster in history.
"High levels of cesium and iodine, by-products of nuclear fission, are being reported and providing more evidence that a nuclear meltdown is currently underway.
It is now certain Japan is experiencing a Chernobyl event. “At this point, events in Japan bear many similarities to the 1986 Chernobyl disaster. Reports indicate that up to 1.5 meters (4.9 feet) of the reactor fuel was exposed. The reactor fuel appears to have at least partially melted, and the subsequent explosion has shattered the walls and roof of the containment vessel – and likely the remaining useful parts of the control and coolant systems,” Stratfor explains.    from inforwars.com
When you consider the need for food and potable water and sanitation and medicine, this is beyond bad. I am so sorry for these people. CNN had this fact a couple hours ago but they have backed away from that. Can only hope for the best but there is no best in this case.


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