Enigmatic Anomalies TV premier episode

Terri Linge (assistant Florida director for MUFON) will host the first Enigmatic Anomalies TV show on September 22, 2013 on channel 38 Tampa Florida. Kevin Thomas Kehl has worked hard on this project for the last two years and I am overjoyed.

Kevin contacted me two years ago about producing a TV show that dealt with paranormal themes. He interviewed me on camera for tape to be used on the eventual Bigfoot episode. After that, we became full-time research partners. Kevin shot video the entire time.

It took a while but he finally got it on TV with the beautiful and talented Terri hosting the show.

We will be in the Green Swamp in October which will be the focal point of the eventual Skunk Ape show. There will be many UFO shows, ghost, Bigfoot, strange phenomenon and more


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