The Kecksburg UFO Incident

On December 9, 1965 something fell from the night sky in rural Pennsylvania about 40 miles from Pittsburgh. Eyewitnesses said the object appeared as a bright light in the sky and slowed down after making several maneuvers before it fell to Earth. A bright, illuminated light was seen rising into the air.

People (including local news media) who went to the impact area said they were prevented from getting close to the fallen object by armed military personal. It was reported that a large, cone shaped object was put on the back of a flatbed truck an hauled off by the military. Neither civilians or the news media could get near the object that fell.

A few people did make it to the area before the military arrived and said they saw a large cone shaped object that a man could stand up in.

Subsequent declassified documents stated that the military believed it was Soviet in origin or extraterrestrial. UFO investigator and the leading authority on this historical event Stan Gordon has produced an excellent DVD on this incident and his website account is here.

Myth and folklore has sprung up about the fact that a real UFO fell into the countryside of Pennsilvania and the military is covering up the evidence. The photo above was from the tv show Unsolved Mysteries in the late '80's.

MY TAKE: The United States Military does not tell us everything they are doing at all times. The description by witnesses is of a Mercury Space Capsule. 1965 was the era of the pre-Apollo launch rockets. I believe an experiment went wrong. It fell in the woods. They went out and retrieved it. Just that simple.


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