MABRC uses censorship on Tim Fasano

The administration of MABRC (where researchers think outside the box), D.W. Lee, will not cover the Myakka situation on his forum because Tim Fasano is there. He says it is a publicity stunt for me. Oh really. This is what he had to say:
"Editor's Note: I have not been covering the current Myakka incidents ongoing at the moment due to the presence of Tim Fasano in the area, and the fact that this is turning more into a publicity thing for him. I am maintaining a database of the events should it turn out to be more, but at the moment, I will just post this."
Don't censor me...I may not like that
Gee, All I have done is praise Stacy, Josh, Terri, Kevin, Steve, Julio and others, as well as, TheSasquatchHunters and EnigmaticAnomalies. Stacy has been the bomb and a great asset to the Bigfoot world in how he has organized this event. He was able to get research groups to work together, and that ain't easy in the Bigfoot world.

Stacy Brown jr telling Kevin where the encoutner was at
Ask anyone there if I have tried to "hog the show." In fact, I have only put up a few videos and I'm posting everything the other guys are doing. Between the hours and days worked, the samples gathered, the witness statements taken, where was this publicity thing supposed to be going on. Most of the updates on Shawn's blog featured Stacy - as they should have. I was not the 'big shit' down there. I have no idea what D.W. Lee is talking about.

Publicity, MABRC? What was that Ed Smith bullshit? You were on every radio show you could find beating your chest about Matt Moneymaker now on the outside looking in. It all turned out to be a hoax between your group, The Bigfoot Chicks, and Sasquatch Unlimited. Team Quantra never existed and you knew that for years. You sir pulled a hoax as big as 2008 and you got caught. You are nobody in Bigfoot. Please go away and let the mantle be passed to the new guys.

One more thing D.W. Lee, I don't see you in the woods? If I can drag my fat ass out there, why can't you? Is the name Darrell Dawking?

If you were an objective operation, you would not censor anything Bigfoot related. You are doing this to be based on you own petty jealousy and bias.  Sorry.


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