Ghost research at Fort Desoto in Tampa Bay

Kevin, George and I went to Fort Desoto, an old Spanish American War fort, for some interesting research furthering the cause of Enigmatic Anomalies Paranormal Socitey. During this miserable summer, I am now doing other forms of paranormal work while our camera traps are out in the field gathering evidence of Bigfoot.

The mosquito's were out of this world as you will see on this video. This video is exclusive to this blog and cannot be found on YouTube.

Conditions were miserable in 1898 when this fort was constructed. Disease and food shortages were common. Yellow fever was prevalent along the Gulf coast and mosquito's were in the millions on this island. Many of the men must of succomed to the factors found in living here. It is our belief that energy is still in the fort from long ago. That was the objective of this operation.

George and Kevin unloading their equipment
In May, 1980 the Skyway Bridge collapsed after being struck by the tanker the Summit Venture. The main span fell into the water and 37 people lost their lives. A temporay morgue was set up in the magazine hold of the fort. That is were we were going to concentrate our efforts. Other paranormal groups have reported strange things going on in there.
The magazine at the fort
We went in as the sun was begining to set. We almost immediatly got a reading on the Ghost radar of words that were very approprate for the setting. We had been speculating how the soilders were so accurate on firing 800lb shells from cannons fired with nitroglycerin ignited by an electrical charge. When we went in the readout was "Accurate" "Egypt" and "Fed." George immediately said, "Federal troups." Very creepy. later, Kevin got the word "Dead." That was after I had gotten "Hell" and Die."

You can judge for yourself what all of this means.


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