Tim Fasano on live internet TV during ghost investigation

This video is a bit from the live overnight broadcast produced by Kevin Thomas Kehl of Enigmatic Anomalies. They leased a century old cigar factory that many say is haunted. They positioned thermal imaging and night optic equipment throughout the factory, from the basement to the attic. The entire operation was in 'lights-out' mode. It was very compelling TV.
The first part of the show was three interviews on three topics. They were Bigfoot, UFO's and ghost. The assistant state director of MUFON was here and a representative from the Tampa Ghost Society. I was very excited to see the fine job that Kevin had done in organizing this event. It was outstanding work.
This is just the begining of better things to come. Our goals are more far reaching and we want to take this to a world wide audience. Internet TV is a good start.


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