I'm Back from a three day/night Skunk Ape Expedition

I am back from three days and nights in the Green Swamp of central Florida. It has been fun, and an experience I will never forget. The opportunity to camp out 'deep field' miles from civilization. was something I have been dreaming about for months as Florida was in the grip of extreme heat. Now, the weather is better and I took advantage of that.

The camp area I had was on the bank of a river leaving its watershed. I was the only one out there, and when the sun went down, things started to happen. There was activity across the river in the 'skunk ape zone'. This is the area that is now closed to the public because of a death that took place years ago. The death was never explained. It is still a mystery.

The video below will give you an idea of the visuals and the sounds I encountered in this historical expedition in the Green Swamp. I am back and very tired with tons of videos to post up in the coming days.


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