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Erickson DNA project paper rejected leaving it in a shambles

The paper submitted by Melba Ketchum on Bigfoot DNA study has been rejected out of hand. It has not just been handed back, it has been rejected. I have it from two unrelated sources in the Bigfoot world that the cornerstone of the Erickson project has crashed in flames.

No scientific journal would even begin to entertain a concept that has been worked backwards. That is "ad-hoc_ science". That is when you state the conclusion up front and then fill in the blanks. The project was never even a theory or an hypothesis; it was stated as a fact up front. They went straight too conclusion and only looked for evidence that would support their theory.

That is what is behind all conspiracy theories. UFO's, ghost, JFK, NWO, global warming and so forth. People only want to believe, and only look for evidence to support that. Unfortunately, that has happened in the Bigfoot world.

A good scientist will do everything they can to falsify their own logical process. That way, the integrity of their work is sound.

I'm sorry that many people will be disappointed. But it goes beyond that.

Not every hoax is as crude as a monkey suit frozen in ice. Many of them can be subtle, and have the appearance of respectability. Especially when a wealthy businessman is involved, and a respected veterinarian.

People in the BF world should have been more skeptical, and not have attached their wagons to this star. Where they hoodwinked? Was Biscardi hoodwinked?

Is that how people get out of this? They just claim they were fooled. Its not that simple. You bought it; you promoted it; you blasted skeptics (me); and claimed it was real. You owe more then just an oh well.

Biscardi was on to this scam months ago (just listen to his radio archives from May onward). They say it takes one to know one. You should have followed his lead. Now lets see who eats crow.

MONKEY BUSINESS: The cost of nuclear DNA is very expensive separate from mitochondrial DNA. Nuclear DNA cost thousands. Many researchers in good faith have ponied up large sums of money for this study. Too bad. It will all come to a sudden and complete halt. It is over and the principals are leaving town. Again, I am sorry you were taken.

When I go out in the field, and as Sharon Lee says, "I make a fool out of myself." It cost nobody nothing. When Tom Biscardi pays $50,000 for a frozen TV dinner, it cost YOU nothing. When a vet out of Texas does a DNA study, people pay out the ass.


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