Fall Color In Florida and Skunk Ape Season has begun

Fire red colors in Florida
I did not think we got these type of colors in Florida during the fall season. I was out hiking today in a SWIFMUD area and got these shots of color, including some fire red. I thought you could only see red in New England. I was excited to see this display by nature.

I understand you must have the right combination of rain, light, and temperatures for months to yield these colors. Cool, I guess we did it just right this year. This means the leaves are going to soon fall off the trees and our visibility will return. Line of sight is important for field researchers. Animals can hide under the cover of foilage.

A sight I have not seen in four decades
I found evidence today of many game trails that are frequently used. The large trial I was looking for has been made by very large beast was still there. This is the trail that I know the Florida skunk ape is using to get down to the river. I would not be pigs because they don't drink out of a river with a tall berm.


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