The Siege Of Ape Canyon

The siege of Ape Canyon was a seminal moment in bigfoot folklore. In 1924 a group of miners who were working near Mount St Helen's in Washington State settled into their cabin for the night after a hard and interesting day for the men. One of the miners, Fred Beck, said he had seen a large, hairy creature looking at him behind a tree. Another miner fired a shotgun at it, but it ran off.

That night, the men found themselves under siege. Large rocks were thrown at the roof of the cabin and the sides. The men were up all night trying to keep the doors from being pushed open by bracing it with furniture. Whatever was attacking them was determined in their efforts and ran off after sunrise. Before 1924 there had been no recorded attacks by a Sasquatch.

Here is a video of an old bigfoot documentary about the Ape Canyon attack. Good stuff!

MY TAKE: One of the problems people have about the bigfoot phenomena is they don't quite understand how big North America is. In fact, 45% of it is untamed wilderness with no real access other than by foot or horse. When you consider the number of eyewitness accounts there have been since 1924, combined with film, video, photos, footprints and trace physical evidence found, I have to conclude something is going on. I believe these men were attacked by something that night. Could it have been other miners? No. These were boulders being thrown at them, only hominids have hands and the strength to do that.


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