New Satellite Views Of Gulf Oil Spill - Obama's Crude Awakening

I live in Tampa Florida and my business depends on tourist. There will be no tourist after this oil makes it way to the west coast of Florida. This satellite image shows the oil reaching the 'bend' of Florida. The currents should pull it south with major implications for the West Coast Of Florida.

The local newspapers are BEGGING Obama to do something. That is amazing beyond belief. Did he not criticize the Bush people for doing nothing for 6 days after a hurricane. It has now been over a month and all Janet Napolitano will say is 'We had boots on the ground from day one" That makes me feel so much better.

Obama has shown he is about as good at handling this crisis as he is at creating jobs. Great.

Congress held hearings to pass the blame while the oil was gushing out of the ground.

BP is making money off of the disbursements and trying to syphon oil off the surface. They have no real way of capping it and I am now calling for Obama to do something now.

PLEASE Mr. President we voted for you because you were supposed to be better than this. Please don't tell us that is George Bush that did this. Please, take the responsibility.


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