Spontaneous Human Combustion Investigated In Florida

The most famous case of SHC, or spontaneous human combustion occurred in St. Petersburg Florida on July 2, 1951. Police were called to the apartment of an elderly lady named Mary Resser whom the landlady had not seen in few days. What the police found in her apartment is still baffling and difficult to explain away. 
Resser seems to have literally gone up in flames. Mrs. Resser had been reduced to a pile of ashes found in the bathroom under her walker in front of the toilet. Nothing else in the room had been burned. The medical examiner said that this type of cremation would take temperatures exceeding 3,000 degrees. 
The investigation ruled out an electrical short or lightning. Newspapers were found next to her, and they were not burned. This was really strange. 
The final conclusion was Mrs. Resner died of a fire of unknown origin. The official medical report stated that her death was "unusual and improbable."


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