Was the moon landing hoax duplicated?

As a paranormal investigator, and student of the scientific method, the first things I look for in a theory is can it be falsified? Can it be duplicated? The problem of the NASA moon landing is that there were only three witnesses and a government controlled camera. That's it. Falsification becomes rather difficult since the participants continued to claim they did it decades later.

A film was released by The Viral Factory in 2002 (funny, the term viral applied to videos had not been coined yet) that shows a lunar astronaut stepping onto the moon surface and a light bank falls and hits him. You know folks, it looked kind of real to me. And that's my problem. If an advertising agency could reproduce a film that had the 1960's era video tape look, then NASA with millions, could have done it at a higher order. This video only shows a hoax may be the more likely scenario.


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