Do animals make crop circles?

This is very neat and surround by hay on the forest floor. Strange.
We have all seen crop circles. So, what did this on a small scale? I know you will say squirrels did this but I don't buy it. If  Todd Standing can go on Survivor Bigfoot and claim every tree break caused by brutal weather in Canada is a Bigfoot, then I'm claiming this is Bigfoot. That is how the game works folks.
This is the area I was in with George

There was much going on that night. We were on our way to find a system of caves. It was getting dark and we were under time pressure. When we got out on the trail, I found what looked like the thing above. Then, further down, I found what looked like a print. There was a forest road in the distance and a white pickup truck was seen driving by out truck. Then, it came back. Security on many fronts was now a concern.


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