Debunking The California Missile (Sort Of)

The California Missile was moving to slow. The speed is the giveaway.  I live in Florida and it is not uncommon in the early morning hours to see something shooting up into the sky.  NASA is always launching something, and you don't know if it is a missile or the shuttle craft. You don't even know if it is military, and therefore, The UFO guys will be on HISTORY CHANNEL with the latest episode saying that just because the government won't own up to what it was, that it must be from China or mars.

The California missile was moving at the speed of a commercial jet - 500 MPH.  The space shuttle in Low Earth Orbit is moving at 18,000 MPH...In short, it is getting it!  And the plume is beyond belief.  Check out this video I shot last August when I had no idea that the government was launching anything.


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